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Relatives of these parliamentarians are as culpable as the parliamentarians themselves when it comes to the heneous crime that they just committed in the name of changing the constitution. If their relations ere to put pressure on them to do what is right and in the interest of the people of La Republic du Cameroun, the CPDM so called 'party discipline' will not be respected to the extend to which it is being respected. They do it because they and their relations are benefiting from the booty that they get at the end of the day. THE PARLIAMENTARIANS ARE GUILTY. THEIR CHILDREN ARE GUILTY OF THE CRIME. THEIR WIVES/HUSBANDS ARE GUILTY. THEIR OTHER RELATIONS ARE GUILTY. THEY SHOULD ALL GO DOWN FOR IT. Period.
Oversabi, Lapiro sang a song captioned "over don na mbut" I am sure you can see that you a really a "mbut" because NJFN is heading a political party and not a country. A country and a political party are two different things. Get that in your thick skull and leave NJFN in peace
Simplice, I history is anything to go by, then you would bear with me that if you did your assignment well you would have realized that 'La Republique du Cameroun' has never consisted of French and English Speaking Cameroonians. Have you ever bothered to ask yourself why Biya himself who decided to unilaterally break away from the trial marriage has in recent times refrained from using 'La Republique du Cameroun' and instead resorted to using just Cameroun? He knows the implications of using the appelation La Republique du Cameroon and thus is carefully avoiding it. Do your homework next time before posting anything.
Reverend, You couldn't sound more ungrateful than that. Whoever told you all hands are the same. I perfect understand the problems The Post might be facing because I have been there. To The Post Nespaper crew, I say thank you for the good job you guys are doing with the little resources you have and more power to your elbow. Do update us when you are able ro resolve the issue at hand
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Tombele, You are an ass hole.
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Simplice wrote: Nay, I got a remark for compatroits in the Diaspora who see nothing good about the CPDM and say nothing unevil about the Biya-regime:if truely they are Cameroonians;how many of them are prepared to return home and set an example?. Mr. Simplice, Is there anything good in or about the CPDM that any Camerounian at home or abroad should talk about? I bet you the answer is clear NO. A party that over the years has launched a form of state-sponsored terrorism against its own citizens - there is ABSOLUTELY nothing good vis-à-vis the CPDM because it is a party of blood-sucking vampires (if you are one of them - which I think you are - then you are not excluded). I am a student in New York City (less than three years) and I have seen and talked to many Camerounians who are tired of living at a home away from home and wish they could go home and execute some of the good plans that they have nursed over the years (set an example). I bet you nobody even you will like to see all of what you have worked for all of your life wasted because you want to go to Cameroun and set an Example. Many have tried and failed because of the CPDM. Many more who dare try will fail because of the CPDM and it's policies. Now there is a common phenomenon within the ranks of CPDM 'bigwigs' which is that of sending their sick ones (e.g most recently accident victims) abroad for treatment. I have these two questions for you. (1) How many Camerounians can afford three good meals a day let alone local health care. (2) Is it better to establish a functioning hospital at home (in Cameroon) or rush accident victims across continental lines? I have spoken to an American trained Camerounian Medical Doctor here in NY City who had plans to set up a practice in Cameroon (alongside other public health plans for his community), He has all the equipment he needs and has the human resource to lobby support for public health programs from organizations like the WHO. YOU KNOW WHAT? Your CPDM crab of government won't give him the authorization he needs to set up such a practice. The reason being that some CPDM militant sitting in some office that he does not deserve wants to squeeze out millions from him. Tell me, If you were this guy, will you give this CPDM zealot the millions of FCFA in order to get the authorization? How long will it take to recover 1,000,000 CFCA from a medical practice in Cameroonian if you don't gat involved in unorthodox practices? Bottom line it is difficult to think of going to set an example back in Cameroun because as demonstrated in the example above the first thing you will meet will be an opportunity to set a BAD example that helps to maintain the statusquo. FYI Not everybody who decides to make a living out here does like it that way. The problem is the CPDM party/government and its policies. Thus nothing good can be said about the CPDM because they have not done anything good in the interest of Camerounian citizens generally. For their select few? - YES. I hope you understand.
Mr Fritzane, Who ever assigned you to be correcting people's write-ups here. Stop dodging from the issue at hand in the name of finding easy ground elsewhere because you are not going to get it anywhere. Bottom line is (to go by knganjo) that you are a disgrace to the academia if at all you are an academic.
Ca c'est la Republique du Cameroun. What does Njeuma and Ndongo espect. After forcefully introducing false candidates into UB medical faculty, he now sees falt in others emulating his example. Mr Ndongo, No cotch you mbanya say ye carry shit for ye lass wey you noba yet wipe your own lass.
Tarring of roads being announced at CPDM conferences instead of on public media. ... and stupid people jump to their feet that at last their voice will be heard. By who? WHAT A SHAME. Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm.....