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Kathleen Tanguy
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nice drawing and funny post!! I hear ya re:dust/dog hair!
Toggle Commented May 3, 2011 on Everyday Matters #102 at Don't Mind the Arrow
Love these, Joanne!! What fun and sooo creative. You never cease to amaze me, girlie-girl!!! Keep up the good work!!!
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These are wonderful!! LOVE the ones where they're jumping for joy!! Beautiful girls!...growing too fast into adulthood!!
Toggle Commented Oct 9, 2010 on creative girls come in all ages at pamgarrison
I was soooo incredibly happy to see this video, newly posted!! Love, love love your journals and you did a wonderful job on video, music....MORE MOMMA MORE!!!
Toggle Commented Mar 2, 2010 on wahooo! at pamgarrison
Lately, I am INSPIRED BY KELLIE RAE!!!!!! I love her work and want her book badly, but am trying to hold off til after Christmas!!!
Toggle Commented Dec 7, 2009 on GIVE~away: Taking Flight at Bella Wish
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