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Recent Activity is my favorite story- I do cat rescue and this is great! @tannawings!/tannawings/status/160224242661736449 last tweet for me- thanks for the chance!
1 reply!/tannawings/status/160223255481942016 this is my lucky tweet right here
1 reply!/tannawings/status/160222739683213313 tweetly deet
1 reply!/tannawings/status/160221849597386752 chirp
1 reply!/tannawings/status/160220670641451008 tweetings!
1 reply!/tannawings/status/160220146428952578 yes, I need a vaccum
1 reply!/tannawings/status/158837613460066305 and I tweet
1 reply!/tannawings/status/158837639057915905 a tweeting
1 reply!/tannawings/status/160105706048061440 tweetly deet
1 reply!/tannawings/status/160080164108251136 tweety tweet
1 reply!/tannawings/status/159537654537523201 tweet
1 reply!/tannawings/status/158494568495591425 tweety pie
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Signed up for Orecks email with yahoo addy and got "Thanks for signing up for our exclusive email newsletters!" It is nice they contribute to breast cancer causes!
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New email subscriber
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Like Oreck on Facebook. ellen beck
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that is me below- I apologize it didnt appear to take to I signed in with twitter. ellen=tannawings
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I dont know if the previous 'took ' typepad acts funny in Chrome so repeat of mandatory- I learned that the double helix brushes spin at 7K rpm- which as awfully fast! Follow @oreck on Twitter. @tannawings
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I have a cat rescue so a stay cation for the summer,but if I had a Kindle I could read a book about a nice relaxing vacation spot, close my eyes and pretend I was there! I would use the camera to take picks of the kitties who need new homes! Thanks for the chance! tweeted as @tannawings baypayments at yahoo dot com!/permalink.php?story_fbid=216874894997706&id=100000220050277 (thats my facebook update about the contest) a tweet
Long time follower of Lifescoop on twitter- liked on facebook-ellen beck baypayments
We will be having a 'staycation' this summer- I have a small cat rescue and I cant find anyone to watch the critter for a few days so we can take a road trip. I would use the Kindle to read about all the places I would love to be, and the camera to take pics of our garden and everchanging backyard :) baypayments