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Oh goodness me! another election to make monies. Dictator Fru ndi is keeping quite with his 200 million his friend and thieves PaulBiya is handing to him for election participation. Is Fru Ndi really very sincere of the out come of this election? One must presume more damaged is being done because he is legitimising mr BIYA. When SDO's declare what ever results they deem necessary , what will he do. Fight? do you fight with your hands. The man is really sick. Vally England.
Rexon, Where have you unearth all these very powerful articles of Prof Asonganyi my legend? That man is a genuis of the highest quality. If cameroon had just ten of them the countery would be alright. Shalom Klemanceau, The learned Prof is explaining why he opted to resign from the SDF hierachy, he realised that his friends had different missions which he is expaining as you read through his stuff. If Innoni/Achi Achu/Musonge had all told Biya that they are not willing to continue in the mascarade gov't then change would have long come to cameroon. They all prefer to eat and let all cameroonians die. That is the dfference with Prof Asonganyi,he tells his mine and move on, stand by it and will die by it. What an example of a Man. Vally England.
I am very convinced that BB was murdered by CENEER, Biya's underworld police doing all to see him die as head of state. If any of you reading this,has,private Contact of BB's family or closer friends let me know. Alternatively, let them fine out the vehicle number of the trailer involved in that accident,get the details from the forces of law who took care of the accident.Which company owned the Timber vehicle? or get an independent expert in cameroon to go after all these details,if that needs money let us know. I know Biya's la republique security forces must have done all to derail the accident trail so an independent expert can't fish them out,but do not worry just get what ever can. BB was one of anglophones/SCNC highly feared disciple,his visit to America would have taken the struggle to another level due to his brain work, infact, he was the WOLE SOYINKA of the anglophone struggle. Watesih, Tell your brother who is a CPDM member that he is evil,in short,also tell dictator Fru NDi same. They are not out to help cameroon but to feed from cameroon. I supported Ben Muna so we can re-energised the SDf,but he too has decamped.My problem is Fru ndi,with the SDf we all sacrificed for, since Fru Ndi thinks the party is his private property I will still be supporting any body who can pushed the dictator out. He is the greatest evil from cameroon of late. Vally England.
Toggle Commented Apr 22, 2007 on BB, Suicide Or Accident? at Up Station Mountain Club
Thank you for acknowledging that Biya has never given you sufficient funds to organised election. The regime of Biya the dictator, hangs on to power gracia to your ability to say and read what he wants as election result. Reading away from Biya's demands you are out of even killed. It is a common practice with Cpdm members that all they want is another better appointment so they can steal. In short, politics of true and fairness is not made for cameroon as long as BIya stays. Vally England.
The minister assertions only goes go confirm the fear that BB was murdered. The fear of his pulling factor, with his inginuity and creativity scared the CPDM junta must have been. In the united State BB would shouted loudest about the Anglophone problems. CENNER, must have done all to silence him. Mr minister, where is the driver of the timber truck? who owns the company of the Timber truck? Can we have the names of those CENNER workers in Edea/douala? Retarliation will be metted with equal force. Rest assured BB will be back hunting his Killers,we know them and they know themselves. Watch this space. Vally England.
The Fon of Bali is a culprit in this. Hear him, ''We were provoked'',so the law as been givn to the Balis to move around terrorising people in the name of provocation. What do they call Slaves? The Balis escaped Northern cameroon in the 17th century after hundreds were murdered to day talk of Slaves. Why did they escape to their present settlement. The law must take it full course and this must involved the arrest of Bali Fon. Vally England.
''Fru ndi left the Star building, Inoni's office with an envelope, when asked he said it is his private affair between him and the prime minister'' Yes,evidences of Fru Ndi dinning with cpdm must be in black and white so what is this? The dictator is finished. Vally England.
Evil never hides.Criminals will always get their day infront of justice.Glen,keep up the fight you are doing a wounderful job. Vally England
I am very surprise that ''Kameni S. John,'' is a lawyer today.the boy though a SoBAN has some interesting story on his neck. In 2006 a organised and swindled a German with 60.000 deusch marks,left the country with the cash.The poor German is still looking for this thief,today he is a lawyer.So what type of lawyer is he going to be? The public should seriously watch this guy,there is still more to come from him.History always repeat itself,watch this space. Vally England.
We shall be there,God willing. This mark the turning point of SCNC. Vally England.
I am very surprised that the tax man,walks into Ntarikon,Fru ndi's residence with a tax bill of 17 million frs cfa. Two things concerns me from this. (1) How was the tax computed?what is Fru ndi's earned income?interest from savings or investments,other emuloments(from properties,dividends etc). This should be the basis of tax computation.The combination of the above with the deductions of accepted tax deductions(allowed expenses,exempted items,statutory allowances)will live Fru ndi with his statutory earned income. The tax man can then compute what fru ndi has to pay.Was this the approached?Or the tax man just came with abitrary figures of 17 million. (2)Well,dictator fru ndi it is pay back time.The cpdm knows how much you have been collecting so pay.What of the kick backs you collect through mbah ndam? You paid your taxes in 2004 during presidential elections so what of 2005 ,2006? Fianally,these tax men must also declare and tell us what they are asking from stalin dictaor Biya as taxes.Has the dictator ever paid taxes since assuming to the presidency of the republic?and what of his wife and son? Vally England.
Pandak, Paul Biya is a fool,that's why cameroon can never be better under him. 25 years ago before Ahidjo handed power to this fool,cameroon had just 3 billion US dollar of foreign/domestic debt,these are borrowings from multilateral institutions e.g.IMf/london& paris clubs,world bank and from states. Cameroon had 13US billion dollars in reserves,these are gold broillion,hard cash,and other state investments.Cameroon was doing fine financially and ecnomically. Paul Biya, in under ten years of assuming the presidency squandered these reserves,he openly stole,and distributed cash to his Ewondo brothers and some ministers/generals.The reserves that were in state coperations all vanished,CAM BANK,PMO,CDC,SOCAPALM,ALUCAM,SONEL,SENEC etc etc,some in foreign banks and IMF/world bank.He then declared that we are facing economic crisis. On exhausting our reserves, the fool started borrowing,instead of investing to yeild return,he was using it to keep himself in power.He borrowed to the tune of 16 billion US dollars in under 10years.Now facing bankruptcy,since sales from gross domestic product can't match the servicing of his 16 billion debt and other state expenses,the fool then had to run to the world bank/IMF pleading. The IMf/World bank had to come up with new strategy,known as HIPC(high indebted poor countries)What is this?These are countries with high proportion of debt relative to gross domestic product/others.The money these countries make, cannot pay interest on their debt and provide excess to run their economies. The world bank/IMF decided to create some stringent measures,(fight corruption,democratise,transperent public finance mangement, etc etc) If a country meet all the conditions,she will be exempted from serving her debts and some will be cancelled. Paul Biya and his gangs corrupted their into meeting those conditions.An account was created at BEAC into which debt serving monies,debt cancelled monies, are being paid which Biya and his ministers must used with closed supervision on specific projects(modern slavery). That is the basis of his happiness. Hope this brief explanation do. Vally England.
Man,Stalin Dictator Paul Biya,is really sick.Read his questions,how does he expect cameroon to move on when he does not seem to understand basic management/development strategy. The man have failed cameroonians,he appoints idiots as ministers,supervised them and dispite their failures still nominates them.Why then all the hype? Truly,the man has shown that we need to organised a coup d'tat quickly.The longer the fool stays as president,we are finished as a nation. So how can we organised a coup to kick the fool from Etoudi? Diasporans,if you are shipping any thing to cameroon include your personal 1000 round AK47,hide it under the car,dismantle the doors and put it inside,boxes load them with your catriges.His corrupt customs officials are busy looking for bribes,believed me, they don't care checking. If 5000 cameroonians each have Ak47,the job is done.The army that comes to kill student will disappear in the numbers. This sound a difficult job but easy if well organised.We have to do all to kick Paul Biya from Etoudi,the man is useless,not worth the pains.Some must sacrifice for others. More to folow soon. Vally England.
Tabeng Tayim, Luck your big mouth.Which research?Why are you linking vally england with Benb,i posted my last posting explaining how some liliputs tried to block my postings on this forum and how,initial findings,through the Metropolitan police is trailing the idiots to be people known. You get up from sleep to start deviating facts.I promised not to continue contirbuting for some are full of evil.I had to let God discipline them. As i said years ago,the greatest problem the sdf had is dictator Fru ndi,my belief have not changed. Please keep vally england out of thisfornow. VallyEngland
Akoson, If there is another convention today to help change the leadership of fru ndi's sdf,i will support.The issue is not because it was Ngwasiri who triggered it,but a matter of principle.Just as the acceptance of cash from cpdm to evacuate Ma Rose was a political blunder,so too the way and methods of manging the party in the past six years. Fru ndi lost steam after his tenth year in office.As the chair,he seems to think like Biya that he must rule for life. Look at technocrats like professor Asonganyi,Fru Ndi thought they where serving the sdf for what?to continue when he lives.Who are those to succeed him now?ma Tamajong?Ossih?Mbah Ndam?you must be joking. In any case,i have less worries now for i know justice will always prevail. Well,it must only be prof Ngwasiri who is calling for reconciliation.How are you sure Fru ndi too is not involved?Good luck to Ngwasiri if he wants to reconcile with fru ndi. Some have moved on and there is no turning back with all the evidences people have. vallyEngland.
Big joe 'alias Atekwana', You can keep fooling the very stupid not me.You think we do not know that sdf senior members/Fru's NEC access this forum?Stay in cameroon and be deceiving yourself. JC King, The man who killed deboule bribed the state counsel handling the case with 21millions frs cfa.He was booted from handling the case.Right. Rexon, Iam man enough to distinguish virus from route blockings.I do not need to bring my evidences here,the matter is with the best security in the world(Met. police). Prof Ngwasiri can reconcile with dictator Fru ndi,that does not change my perception of the sdf saga.Before the professor and Ben Muna challenge the legality of Fru ndi's NEC,i had long been calling for the dictator to step down when prof Asonganyi exposed his diabolical acts.There are lots of underground moves to reconcile Sdf,as i said in one of the meetings,that can only happen to me after Fru ndi lives the helm of the party.As long as he stays there count me out. Vally England.
Akoson,Jc King. You guys make me laugh.I never knew some could be this stupid.What has Ngwasiri reconciliation got to do with Vally?I started castigating dictator Fru ndi long before the various conventions.Nothing has changed,Fru ndi through Mbah Ndam has been feeding on Biya's largees,period.So big Joe is Atekwana? Some lilipots blocked my contributions on this forum.I reported the matter to the metropolitan police and have been shock with the preliminary findings.Audit trail routes the blocks from the US,germany,uk,and cameroon. Let me used this to warned those who think they can play with the modern technological age,that they are playing with fire.It is a crime punishable under international law. If those i have been accusing of feeding with Biya have the guts,let them take legal action against me.I live in the Uk where the law is robust and honest.Do they have the guts?They spend their precious time routing my mails,believe me, i have good information to identify all,watch out. I decided to stop contributing because some members are chickens,i need not waste my precious time.Postnewsline must protect their property from bigots,they should allow freedom of expression.He so ever who feels grief should sue for libel. Vally England.
Rexon,Tayong,Akoson and the rest, Let me start by saying i donot not used faked,soi fear nobody.The is for public utilisation and belongs to nobody but to the post mangement/owners. Some of you guys attempted and some even block the internet dailing route that i used to post my contirbutions.I sought legal advise from the metropolitan police recommended counsel and evidence from expert trail has uncover some of you guys. Those in the US, germany,Uk, and cameroon watch out,don't put your families and siblings in limbo. If dictator Fru ndi, that i have been writing and calling to resign and who is working with Biya,has the guts,let him start legal action against my postings/contributions.As a public figure has he ever refuted all the allegations? Remember Limbe was to stoned him,i am not in cameroon? Remember the law in this part of the world is alive and working.Watch out. The postnewsline should take all steps to protect their property from Morons. Akoson,try to seperate southern cameroon from Fru ndi's sdf. Vally England.
Rexon, The killings are being upped by Anglophones. Can you name some? Vally England.
Chim, The security forces that help us nail Fon Doh,are working.Have you seen them call M Nyah for interrogation?But the leader and gang master who organised the fareing of people to y'd,has been to the state persecutors office thrice for interrogation. Chim keep your cool,phone conversation,interviewed recordings,and others,will soon show who was behind the murder of Deboule.He is known for using violence even in Nec meetings,he ordered before his traveling to the UK for the same gang to murder prof Ngwasiri.Time is fast running out for him. Vally England.
Rexon, Beleive me,the frustration of seeing the sdf we all sacrificed in the 90's,now playing the cpdm game is very disturbing. If the original sdf strategy had been followed,we must have gone far with this Anglophone suffering issue. Now that we have been able to identify certain constrains,a new stragety is on it's way. Vally England.
Yes! thank God,he is listening to our prayers.Fon Doh must be disciplined traditionally and legally.Evil in any form can never prevail against Gods will. Like Khondem,Deboule's murderers and evil men will never see light.They will soon face the music of justice in what ever form they try to hide.Those who had to travel all the way from bamenda to y'de to kill Deboule,should know,our God is alive and justice in any form will visit them soon.Any body who uses the name of the sdf to commit murder must not get rest.Remember that same gang attempted murder on Prof Ngwasiri. Watch this space. Vally England.
Tabeli reading disclaimers! what have you seen.''They must state where they belong''.Politics of intimidation and slanders,they belong to authentic sdf. vally England.
Ricardo,Sala, I believed in freedom of expression,you guys are entilted to your opinion and as democrats we must respect that. The sourthern cameroon issue to some of us true siblings of southern cameroon,is very very important and if it means blood, we are getting ready. Big bro Feko said it all,the sdf which was created to fight the southern cameroon course was hijacked by some greedy few for self-enrichment. Rexon,Akoson, The cpdm knows how to fool some,they have given fru ndi what he can not turn his back on,and now they are creating fronts to fight the SCNC. While we do all to restore SCNC,we should get all southern cameroonian leaders who are feeding fat with the system/cpdm to desist or face the bullet,this does include even fru ndi, that some of you are supporting to death. Failure in ditecting,all the nasty tricks some play here must stop.Some people's uncles and fathers are paying their school fees with La republique monies in good universities in europe,this same people are critcising others for failing southern cameroon. Why not question your parent where they are getting all the millions used in paying your school fees?Some are civil servants on 300.000frs cfa a month.Others claim to be business men whom you can't justify them with a turnover of 50 million frs cfa annually, yet they are spending 20 million frs cfa annually in school expenses where is the monies coming from? Who is fooling who? We are planning what will become the historical southern cameroon conference in london.We must unite all the leaders,any body who fails to attend, must be blacklisted.After such a conference,we will officially declared the restoration army for southern cameroon,black legs,traitors,double dealers,will have to face the squad. Sourthern cameroon to some of us mean more than life,are parents have been neglected for far too long.We have to take things into our hands.So Sala,ricardo,and the rest,the next generation is to do things differently.Watch! Vally England.
Kumbaboy,Mbu.b.,Muki,and the rest hidden identities, Now that i am very convinced that you represent the same person,i rest my case. I can see you coming close as you once did to Mukete before you were canned.Keep on,you will soon realised your mistake.You have not finished accused some for double identity,here you come. Have you heard from your uncle the dictator of Ntarikon?His criminals are laminating for being stupid.Deboule's family once more thrown their ill-luck to the gang.Kondengui for some time will remain their home. Thank God prof Ngwasiri was saved from this same gang,and prof Asonganyi ran away from the juju house before he was clubbed.Good for nothing criminals idiots. Vally England.