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Tara McMillan
Interests: Raising 4 kids the right way!
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These are my public comments for next Tuesday. Good afternoon. I am addressing my comments to the public as well as the the members of the Interagency Autism coordinating Committee. My name is Tara McMillan. My son was born in 2006. He was a perfectly healthy baby with an apgar score of 8 and 9. On the second day of his life, he was given a hep b shot, as well as at 2 months, and 4 months. At 6 months of age - he lost his ability to suck, and could no longer nurse. This can be compared to the primate study that was published in the journal of Neurotoxicology in 2009. The primate study showed a significant decrease in the survival reflexes of the male rhesus macaque monkeys after the hepatitis B vaccination. My son also had two series of shots in one visit- to "catch up" his vaccines- which is routinely done all over the country. He should not of had ten doses of vaccines at once. I was not an informed parent. My son's brain swelled, and he was thought to have hydrocephalus. It wasn't until a year later that I discovered on my own that it was vaccine related. My son suffered vaccine reactions. Sadly this is the occurance in many of the homes of the family member that will be affected by Autism. If you just hear the testimony of parents who loose their child after vaccination, you know we have a problem with the vaccines. Its not the childrens fault, its not the parents fault, its the vaccines fault. Case studies need to be done on each family that has an ASD child. Case studies that include what triggered the illness, what history the mom might have had due to exposure to heavy metals ,repeat antibiotics, and or other medical interventions while she was pregnant. All it takes is for accurate data to be contributed to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee. This information must be verified by an independent source, and not one that contributes directly to the Interagency Autism Committee. As a parent of a child with Autism, I am doing everything that I can to recover my son from Vaccine induced Autism. If other kids can recover, and they do- my son should not have less of a chance. The Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee needs to listen to the parents of Vaccine injured children, and they need to take direct action in finding out why Vaccines hurt our children. It doesn't matter if the CDC will think there is a panic and the safety of vaccines are questioned, it matters that our children are suffering and no one is doing anything about it. I challenge the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee to do the right thing, head the words of parents, and not be persuaded by those that have other interests. The truth will come out, one way or another. You can be the ones to bring it to press, or you can be a part of a group that keep denying the link between Vaccine injury and Autism. More children will have Autism in the future because parents believe the lies that vaccines are safe. If I would have known that Vaccines would have caused my son to have autism, I would have never ever let him have the shots when he was a baby. My son has Autism. I know why. I do not have a degree in medical science or in anything related. If I could find out on my own what caused my son to have Autism, don't you think that you could do more? Parents are relying on you all to find out why, and to do real studies, not those that are funded by vaccine manufacturers, who in return are just looking out for their business. The Autism numbers are 1 in 88 now. Guess what? My son is not even counted in that number . He is only 6, and all children under the age of twelve are not counted in the new numbers that came out this past April. The numbers will be more, perhaps 3 in 25? Perhaps 2 in 10? Our children do not need to suffer this American Holocaust any longer. Listen to the parents. Thank you for giving me this time.
Thanks Lisa, I m in the same boat. Have I seen you there? On the boat? lol- I am sad too- and my son is extremely frustrated that he can't talk. I have had to read up on some remedies for my son just today- we saw a homeopath last night- who prescribed UNDA remedies- for which I knew nothing about until today. So I have tons of reading today- Thank God for the internet! where would we be without all the networking parents out there. Would we even know that autism was caused by vaccine inflammation? And I cry for those that still choose to trust doctors that don't question vaccines, even when I have told them of my sons story- they still do it- it's risky business.
Yep- I agree with you whole heartily. I have been at odds over this for some time. many of my fellow believers have told me- this is the way my son is- and that's it I refuse to believe that- because my son was injured. I believe that one day God will reveal to everyone just how awful our US gov't is- especially when it comes to vaccines. Its sad to see our kids suffer because of it- I have hope that God will get the vengeance. Its hard fighting pharma- thinking that we will get the upper hand- only to find out that there are vaccine makers in all areas of govt- with their own greedy agenda to push. One day- I know the truth will be revealed to all people- and then they will not be able to say that there is no link.
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utterly disgusting...when will it ALL just hit the fan?
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Jun 1, 2010
Wow! What wonderful looking clothes! STurdy for sure!