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Tara Scalzo
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Awesome suggestions, thanks so much! I'm always trying to up the protein intake and reduce the carb and sugar crap that seems to be everywhere. I need to hire you as my personal grocery shopper, haha!
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2011 on Vegetarian Pantry Staples at Suburban (in)Sanity
So when this book becomes a national bestseller then turned into a major motion picture, are the kids expecting royalties and the rights to give final actor approval, followed by a limo to the red carpet premiere and front row seats at the Oscars? As you can see, I'm already dreaming big for you! Keep us updated on the progress.
Toggle Commented Mar 21, 2011 on Writing with my kids at Suburban (in)Sanity
Wow. This post touched my heart and left me crying (damn hormones!) You inspire me to be a better mom, as well as a better writer. Well done Karen!
Karen, there is *nothing* wrong with being a "Generalist." It shows that you're not fit to be tied into a box, that you're interests wave from one subject to another and you enjoy the freedom of that wave. Like you, I've been writing professionally for years and refuse to catorgize myself, because I think it would limit my abilities. Keep your mind and heart open to whatever may influence you at any moment. The most important thing is to just keep writing! I love your work. And your a totally cool chick as well :)
OMG, best post *ever*! Such a classic moment! It's always the little moments that drive us out of our minds and make us want to eat our young. And yet we evolve.....go figure!
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2010 on Insulting one's mother... at Suburban (in)Sanity
awwww, and she is (was) always will be as beautiful as her mama, teeth or no teeth. Loved seeing the progression, it's amazing how quickly those little ones grow, huh? And no, accident does NOT imply negligence - my son split his head open at 10 months and I was just 5 feet away. So close yet too far to catch him as I watched it happen. And I wish I could've breastfed both my kids. Ok, ready for God's cruel joke? He gave me 36 DD's but did NOT allow them to work properly. I tried, I bled, I cried. I live in envy to that those who could. So they've never been worth anything more than pleasure funbags.......(sigh).....
I hear ya, it's a tricky balance of too much or too little. Especially with kids our age, who's attention spans are one of a dishrag. If I had a dime for all the activities my daughter started then quit, I'd have enough to pay for the next adventure she decides on. Don't slide too far on that slope, ya might break a hip! LOL
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Aug 11, 2010