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Ricklogic-"The Wii has been out since November and is projected to be in 30% of households by 2011. That's how something grows when it is really hot." I really hope(for their sake) Nintendo has something better than the Wii out in 2011. Is is possible to put posters on ignore?
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2007 on Blockbuster To Buy Movielink? at Hacking NetFlix
I am very happy with the "watch now" selection. I have been OD'ing on hours and hours of Doctor Who. I am so happy that they are offering this wonderful show! P.S. to the previous poster just get the IE tab option to use with Mozilla Firefox (which is one entity by the way) and watch your movies in Firefox. Oh, and you left out the whole having to travel to the store to get said "snappy" movies. Unlike with "watch now" you don't even have to move more than a few feet. I would say that's a major plus, but that's just my opinion.
Toggle Commented Mar 4, 2007 on Slate Reviews Watch Now at Hacking NetFlix
Thanks! It worked without ANY problems. I also took the liberty of adding the IE tool to my Firefox browser and that worked like a charm too! Unlike many of the others, I think they have tons of great stuff! They have [mostly] all of the Doctor Who's and the Masters of Horror Series! Watching "Imprint" by Takashi Miike right now! I am a dire hard reader of this blog and its times like this it really pays off! :)