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droopy dog
Triad area of North Carolina
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It will be interesting for you to understand guilford county politics and figure out the TREBIC CARTEL. Good luck with that.But hey no problem Ray Trapp TAA employee is on his way to be annointed to Greensboro City Council member Goldie Wells district#2. Plenty of conflicts there if he is on council come fall with zoning cases involving members of the TAA.Have fun with that as well.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2009 on Commuting at Jon's Font of Worthless Information
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Jon, it has been a long process but there has been a blog on this for over a year on this issue, here is the link. We were still trying to figure out about the Greensboro City Council what part of STATE LAW do they not understand. The compromise was a joke when they brought it up on the 21st and now as you can see the state legislators know that they aren't going to change a state law just for Greensboro when every other city in this state abides by STATE LAW.
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nice post and agree 100%
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Jon it would be great to blog a wake game and have them try to find you in stands.But your mug shot is on the front of your site. They might have a APB out on you at the wake game. Arrest this guy he is blogging, that would be a great case to be a lawyer for
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