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I would beg to differ here. Its not innovation that needs to be responsible. Its the application or use of it. Let me give some examples. Electricity - The fact that some people use it to electrecute or get electrecuted by mistake does not mean the innovator had a responsibility not to get his idea out. Nuclear Power - The ability to harness the most abundant form of energy is natural. Now if some people take it to extreme and create Nuclear bomb should not stop such thinking. There are scores of other things - Petroleum (maybe used to set fire, Air crafts - Fighter Aircrafts to bomb n kill, cough syrup - To get High:), and the very basic thing used in every houeshold, Knife - Some people use it to stab). Its the twisted human mind that would discredit the innovation not the innovation itself. The most striking innovation that I know of is Anthrax. It only has destructive use as far as I know. But we can learn a lot from it. If we try to understand how a bacteria protects its DNA to increase its chances of survival or in simple words makes it a tough guy, we can may be one day create a medicine which can help human survive extreme weather, extreme radiation or even help in space missions. Possibilities are endless. So its not the innovation but the use or rather misuse of it should be of concern. Not entirely related but something which effects me in my life. Not that H1B visa is a wrong idea. The abuse of it maybe. The govt should understand there are some people who abuse it and there are some who definitely would add to the American Brain power. But USCIS seems to be inspired by Mr Jeff Ubois and not by the ideas of like mine.
I agree with Data finds Data but I would like to know about "Data build rules to find data". This would help not only identify consumers of data but evolve the rules that identify data. For example, some intelligence gathering would result in data finding out that it needs to be shared with USCIS. But if the rule of sharing does not evolve. The rule engine should be self feeding and ever evolving. I would expect my rule Engine to feed on all events, feed them to my CEP and at the same time my CEP evolves itself based on data set. New rules should evolve instead of being interpreted by humans. Let me give an example. For Mr Abdulmatallab was identified as someone as potential threat. So some agency needs to create the data for him. Lets say CIA gathered info and entered into their system. Once data is created, then "Data finds Data". But someone needs to create the data. What if the travel pattern of Mr Mutallab were an indication? The system should feed on all possible events known for Mr mutallab, create an algorithm. It should try to see if there is any commonality with other events. For example, once Mr Mutallab was flagged, everyone who was not a citizen and in the same country as Mr Mutallab would need to be flagged for pattern matching. What is the rule identified here? Foreginers or non residents. All these data points should feed into rule engine to be extracted for creating rules for identifying consumer for data. With so many complex events happening, it is almost impossible for human to interpret events and correlate them. More over non-events would be impossible to identify. What if someone went under radar for years and then emerges in some crime. Such patterns need to be identified by system. Events need to be identified. They may not be in order, may be in order or could be randomly in and out of radar. Flagging Mr Mutallab is waiting for his Dad to help the agency. Doesnt the erratic stays of Mr Mutallab good enough to be flagged? In today's purposed life, any erratic behaviour needs to be flagged. For example, a policeman not only uses radar to find people who overspeed but watches for people changing lanes erratically. We need to build systems which can identify such individuals. Since this would be trying to identify an individual way before any credible intelligence, near real time is as good as real time. Potential individuals and their patterns would continue to evolve. I guess my thaughts arent structured but yeah there is a random pattern here.:)
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Feb 16, 2010