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My son is going to 1st grade and my daughter moves to the 3s room at her daycare... looking forward to another great year of learning and making new friends! And hoping that homework-doing is less of a struggle than last year! lol
I have noticed that I, too, get a fair amount of returned food... but it also happens at dinner. So we tried something... a few more types of food and much smaller portions. It has worked wonders. Kids see so much food in front of them and they get overwhelmed. It's better to give less and have them ask for more. We usually leave the bowls of veggies and fruit on the table in front of them so they can get more if they want it. This is especially true with new foods. My daughter (3) is not picky at all. My son (6) is EXTREMELY picky. But, when I try something new (the other night it was meatloaf), I put 3 bites worth on his plate, along with the rest of his dinner. Our deal is that he has to TRY the new item, before he can decide if he doesn't like it. He tried it, he liked it, and asked for a little more! :-) WIN! And I will never give up my snack-size ziplocs :-) I use them to portion out goldfish crackers, cereal, pretzels, etc in our snack cabinet, so the kids can grab something and make their own choices about their snacks. I also have the bottom drawer in our fridge stocked the same way (with apples, carrots, yogurt, applesauce, etc.) Really great chart of portions for kids :-)
I follow you on FB :-) There are so many Hot Mess moments in our household... I've gone out with boob stains, baby puke, breast milk leakage. ... quite possibly the best one involved my husband, though. After my son was born, we took him to the pediatrician for his 2 week checkup. He was measured and weighed and then the doc had to check his boy parts, etc... while waiting for her to clear off the exam table, our son peed all over daddy's shirt and then pooped right into his hand! LOL. I thought our doc was going to die laughing (apparently, this is a pretty common occurance!) My hubby was NOT thrilled however, as he had to leave the office covered in nice, warm, baby pee! :-)
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