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I need need need this cookbook because my seven-month-old daughter has been sleeping in one-two hour stretches for the last three months (except for about four VERY. MEMORABLE. OCCASIONS. in which she has slept for five hours stretches) and so one hand always has some sort of caffeinated beverage in it to keep me (semi) conscious to deal with our toddler. The more I can do one-handed, the happier we'll be.
I voted for you. I think. The layout of the voting page is a little confusing. But that's not your fault. And I just want to say that my husband is working on his PhD thesis and procrastinates by reading your posts because they make me laugh so hard he has to stop working and "see what's so funny." Then he starts laughing too and reads all your archives :) (For the sake of his thesis thank you for not having too many yet!)
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This exact same thing happens to me at Costco. sigh. "But it's all such a good deal that it's practically free" is what I tell myself. And then I end up with $100 worth of "free." We don't have Target in Canada yet (but it IS coming. Wheeeeeeeee!!!!!) and I know the same thing will happen to me because I've been to Target a couple of times in The States. I even ordered my wedding dress online from Target :)
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Feb 2, 2012