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That Isakson dude is a sharp cookie. Practically speaking, we have a tool to pull 600 data points on most people in the U.S., but it's updated quarterly. I actually ran a report on myself, and it get's me wrong in many ways, as the data is incorrect, old, or just plain missing. When you add "socialgraphic" information from my personal feeds, it adds so much color about me, my likes, interests, topics, patterns of being. The thing about marketers, we usually have the right message and offer, we just really suck at timing of delivery. This is where I think that connecting data sources into a true Social CRM can help most. Timing.
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Demographics + Pscyhographics + Socialgraphics = Ridiculous prediction potential
I typically hang everything but sweaters and t-shirts. If I were to redo my closet, I would find a way to bring the shoes to a middle tier in the closet. They are hard to get to through the heavy coats and pants when they are on the floor.
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Dec 15, 2009