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They were only apart for a couple of months -- it's a little unclear from the way it is written, but I believe Pongo was fully reintroduced in March 2013. It's just that he turned a year old recently, so this is an update.
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Life as an orangutan seems to involve a lot of sleeping!
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Lucy, that other video story looks like it is about Zoo Prague working with Mongolia to send some Przewalski horses, the last wild species of horse, to the wild in Mongolia:
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2013 on Cockatoo Chick is a First for Prague Zoo at ZooBorns
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Question: are you supposed to wipe off the excess spice after you marinate it? The pork was defrosted and well drained and dry, so lots of the rub stuck to it, and while I didn't add the excess marinade in the bag in, the result came out on the salty and spicy side. Still good, but not really pulled pork as I am used to it, and not really sandwich meat. More like cuban pork, in fact I'm having it with black beans and rice.
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Feb 20, 2010