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Tawnia Grewell Nowakowski
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Hi Christi - just found your blog. I am very interested. I just started a program & have to consume x # of raw fruits and veggies and proteins and starches every day. As I have increased my intake of water and raw fruits and veggies, I have noticed that I am not really all that hungry for dinner, which is when I actually cook food. I am curious to watch follow your blog and as I make myself start to eat fruits and veggies (something I really hate to do), I may move towards the "raw diet." I am praying for the LORD to give me a love of fruits and veggies. I am nervous about the headaches you're experiencing becuase I am a migraine sufferer and the thought of voluntarily going through detox and headaches makes me queasy. I am already experiencing unpleasant initial body changes as I make these small changes, but I am trusting the Lord that He is protecting me from them turning into anything major. Miss you as my neighbor, and I really miss your angelic voice! Give my love to Mark and the kids.
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