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Tawnialynn Nash
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I'm so jealous, the closest park we have is a mile away. We tried to walk there once, but the whole way was carpeted with stickers and no sidewalks. all the kiddies were too exhausted to play by the time we got there. But the plus side is we always have two adults to keep an eye on them since papa bear has to drive us.;)
Toggle Commented Nov 14, 2011 on taking the kids to the park at Crappy Pictures
When they're five (after they've realize they know everything) they realize they can lie, and not the "did you do this?" "no" kinda lie, either. One time when my second boy was 5 he would go in the pantry to sneak cookies, then "hide" them on a barstool in the kitchen. Of course we found the half-eaten cookies and knew he was the only one that would do that, but instead of the truth he told us that he saw a guy walking down the street (who also happened to be a ninja) sneak into the house when only he was looking and put those cookies on the stool. To this day I can't believe that ninja would come in my house and frame an innocent five year old boy. ;-)
Toggle Commented Sep 20, 2011 on a taste of age five at Crappy Pictures
I have three kids, my two youngest are in kind of a "fight for the front" stage, where they feel they have to get in front of the other to get their picture taken, but they end up just getting too close to the camera and it winds up blurry or i just get a picture of them fighting (lovely). my oldest is trying to do a whole "i'm too cool for the camera so i'm going to ignore it" thing, but he'll still make a goofy face if ask him to smile.
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Sep 8, 2011