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Taye Rosser
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I was having panic attacks in my sleep last night. Severe nightmares. I turned over, woke myself up, thought about nice things but the nightmare would start again. I was trying to get away from someone who was gonna try and kill me. The person was mentally ill and could shapeshift. I had to watch where he was and I could fly but I could barely fly high enough to get out of his reach....After feeling like my heart was going to come through my chest and truly feeling immense fear I remembered something Dr. Beth Hedva told me about "Bad guys" in dreams. They usually have a message for us. So I stopped for a moment and asked this dark character what the message was. First thing that came into my mind was it was the fear that was causing the panic attacks. If I could detach more and experience less fear I'd have less anxiety and that out of control feeling. I'm also thinking dying a symbolic death is not so bad. It leads to re-birth....Then I recieved my TUT note from the Universe. The synchronicity of that message and having this video in my email this morning is all I need to know I know I'm on the right path. Even if it is a little scary sometimes. I'm dealing with a huge issue but I can do this. I can transmute this, I can turn neg to pos. I'm going camping again next week. It'll be great weather. Thank You Universe for everything. I have no complaints whatsoever. ♥ Namas'taye Sylvia Barnowski for transmuting Taye : * Tx Sylvia, I'm gonna try for a free ticket ! I Love the Black Panther, I had a dream with one in it. I was sitting on a yellow school bus and I was sitting next to a man. We were the only one's on the bus. In a panic I asked him to close the window, he asked why and wham too late (which annoyed me, if he had just listened (lol)) a Black Panther was on my lap. It looked me in the eyes and also took it's talons and grabbed the flesh in between my nostrils. It wasn't hurting me, just wanted my attention. Which "he had", in fact he had my undivided attention. I got the message to "work with my shadow and not deny it or avoid it. I was to recognize the gifts it gave me." Yes, I am transmuting, I have not thought of the dream last night in that way but it resonates strong right now. Ohhh Sylvia you are such a gift in my life
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Dec 22, 2011