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Chris Taylor
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Mr. Hobbins, I somehow stumbled across your blog. I'm not really sure how it happened. Anyway, I've been astounded by a few things and wanted to say "Thanks". First, thank you for posting in such a clear manner. Your posts are easy to get into with only a little re-reading - you define terms and translate into English the texts that are foreign and for this I am grateful. A lot of academic theological material is left in Greek or Latin or Hebrew with the writer expecting the reader to be able to translate. And perhaps they are justified in this, but for us lay people who haven't had the time to travel the paths of learning new languages your approach is much appreciated. Secondly, your approach to scripture seems reverent while being realistic Illustrating context of the past and bringing it to bear on the present. Finally, regarding this post, I had never been exposed to Pessimism of the Mind and Optimism of the Will. I had to dig into that a bit and feel like I have learned a lot. My wife accuses me of being a pessimist while on personality tests I always show as an optimist. (My workplace recently sent several of us through a personality profile - still not sure why - maybe they're trying to weed out the "crazies" ;) ) Anyway, I think this explains my behavior in an interesting way. Reasonably (pragmatically?) I always first note problems and issues in situations but I always behave in such a way that belies a belief in something better - a hope. While my brain says - it'll never work for x and y reasons - I behave as if it doesn't matter - that z can still be accomplished even given x and y. Personally, I don't know if this is strictly a personality type, or if its more spiritual. I choose to think that it is more than the sum of my genes brought on by the witness of scripture to the working of God - that all things are possible with Christ. So, thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely, Chris Taylor Murfreesboro, TN
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Dang, someone beat me to it. If you have worked at a fast food joint, you would know that it IS hard work! Not fun. Cleaning grills, racks, floors, tables, BATHROOMS(!), trying not to ruin clothes with grease, getting burned, dealing with customers, always being shorthanded during the busiest parts of the day....... *shudder*
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Jun 18, 2010