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More photographers ought to read this post! All too often they get starry-eyed at the sight of slick flash-based portfolios --or-- photo management software and lose sight of what's important (obviously the image). I whole heartedly agree with no-flash sentiment and suggest that anyone who likes the slick-loading look of flash investigate what's possible with some AJAX and javascript effects. (most people do, in fact, have javascript support now -- 95% according to w3schools -- how many in your target demographic?) When I set-out to redesign my site I wanted a few major features: 1) No page reloads between images (think AJAX here) 2) Pull images directly from Flickr using the Flickr API so I don't have to curate multiple sets of the same image. 3) Clean, simple design where the photograph is as large as the screen size (up to 1024px in either dimension to alleviate major copyright violations and download times) 4) deep-linking support -- the ability to link directly to the photograph I managed to incorporate everything and it follows the same rules that you outline above in your article with the exception that the caption pops down over the side of the image if you even decide to click it open. -- feel free to critique: Furthermore, I'd be happy to discuss with anyone interested the techniques that I used to make all this happen.
Toggle Commented Dec 17, 2009 on The Tenset at The Online Photographer
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Dec 17, 2009