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There are various kinds of adulation or hatred. There's the remote kind of which it may be said, "I didn't know him, but he touched my life in a positive/negative way." There's, "That bastard humiliated me and I will never forget it." There's, "We had good times, we had bad times." Steve Jobs, particularly as a younger man, was insensitive to the feelings of those around him, whether it was while delivering his "This is crap!" meme or saying to potential customers, "You're crazy if you don't buy this technology!" He was a man obsessed with creation from within the "distortion field" and people's feelings, unless they were delight, just did not connect with him. Was he evil? Please. Evil is easy to define: Bernie Madoff on the light side, Adolph Hitler on the weighty. Steve Jobs was a creative man on a mission -- excellence -- and if you could not bring excellence, you were likely to find yourself in a keruffle. Kerfuffle, not murder, not assault, not battery, bit the recipient of your boss's opinion that your work was less than exemplary. For all that he made wonderful little gadgets that just worked, and provided an industry with a model all could steal from several years later.
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Oct 10, 2011