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Tea Party declares the MOA is a BOA and not the feathery kind...
Walt, you were the one who brought up the idea of having a trunk monkey tally the votes. I was signed up months ago to do just that, basically tending the machine for screwups, it's all done automatically inside the black box, with the paper ballot preserved for recounts if necessary.\ My favorite? The first one reminds me of driving in SF. Someone nixed buying a truck because they are moving to SF. I pointed out that a semi beater truck is great in the city. Littler critters get smushed in the Parking Wars. Maybe we should send metermaids to Afghanistan, to let them know we mean business. A Stealth drone booting a Taliban vehicle would be a riot to see in the morning when they woke up and found it. BTW, for sale, our Toyota Tacoma 1995 4x4, details here, including possible trade partial for HDMI 1920 x 1080 tv:
I did not think you would have blocked TKenworth. Possibly the twitter account is ticked off that I don't twit. Wordpress and Livejournal take too much time to log in through them, so bear with me, I'll try another one, hopefully the last.
Kenworth is no longer being allowed to log in, despite being logged into Twitter, Typepad keeps saying it is sorry, and yet they can't fix it. Would you like screen shots? I already wrote to you regarding my reasons for semi anonymity. Semi because it bring such joy to GG's braincage to keep posting who is whom.
Nearest to the topic thread I can find. Really pissed about 14 year old girl in coma. How to improve drone strikes. Have moma drone be accompanied by nannie drone equipped with many. many, baby drones, cheap and expendable. Sent babies in for much closer look, the see what their reaction is to being watched. If they whip out AK47's, then launch momma drone's fire power. Is anyone doing anything about this already? If not, somebody needs to.
Toggle Commented Oct 13, 2012 on Ruminations – 2oct12 at Rebane's Ruminations
This trunk monkey will again be working the voting machines at NSJ for 16 hours, start at 6am, for what amounts to $5/hour. I view it as a public service. Pays for Hospitality House if Romney wins. Are Veep candidates picked to avoid premature exits from the planet by the Presidents? Where's Woodsy? Good video, Walt!
Rather than backing up what he stated as fact, that the oil companies make more for the ogovernment than they do for themselves (paraphased) Gregory | 12 October 2012 at 01:42 PM can be best understood by reference to the Bob Dylan song, "Desolation Row": "...and he went of sniffing drainpipes, and reciting the alphabet..." etc.
Walt: So you were the guy in the blue grey pickup in front of Staples with the camera a couple of years ago!
So Ryan, you'd have to be a cap or hoodie, rather than a sock, seeing's how you're projected in from Facebook?
BTW Greg, no picture ever, how do we know you are not a sock? Prove your non-sockedness. Sock-it-to-me! Your obsession with socks is much like that of an HIV virus.
Since one of the three socks is the real Keachie Greg, you are pretty unintelligent. I won't bother to jump through your hoop of changing to the real Keachie sock, as you'll just continue to deny your mistake, any weasel-which way you can, as usual, true to form, Greg. Good thing you fly your plane better than you do your comments. we'd all be at risk.
True to form, Greg.
Greg, of course, being caught, will now ignore his mistake and any references to it altogether. It's a common pattern for him, and the Republican ticket.
Romney has two things left to do to make it "right" with the American people: Apologize to all the folks he offended and mis-categorized. Decide EXACTLY who and how many make up that class of people who are as he described, and which states they live in. Otherwise he must declare that there are no Americans who fit into those categories.
Ryan, upon being asked what he alone could bring to the office, inititially mumbled out, "honesty," and then verbally backtracked remarkably fast. ********************************************************************* I found that remark to be covered up so fast, it does indicate a quickness of mind, a very, very, deceitful mind.. He said, in response to what he as a human would bring to the office, "Honesty" and then, realized his mistake, and covered by making it into "honestly". What a word to do it with!
No Greg, you made the statement, you defend it, and quit trying to pretend CA state taxes are the average for the entire USA. Even if they were, that only gets you up to 1.5 billion, far short of your goal, your ship of foolish numbers is way overloaded, you'll never get off the ground, you airport runway Freddie the Freeloader. You made your factoid up out of 19th century ether, using your Ouija board, and you've been caught, admit it, you're "completely wrong" just like Romnetta, you'll just have to cry over your spilt milk.
I think we should have sent a camera to the bottom of the Indian Ocean, attached to Osama's body. Then we could truly project to the rest of the world, Obama's supposed weakness. Biden did a great job tonight.
Hey Greg, I gave you a head start by suggesting the state taxes. You made the claim, it's up to you to back it up. "Third, there's more profit in a gallon of gas for the government than there is for the oil companies, so in a real sense, oil companies are geese that continue to lay golden eggs, and, sad to say, the Keachies of the world are intent on carving them up." Prove it. Go ahead, figure out all the other taxes you want, and the leasing fees and the payroll taxes, etc. It a long ways from 1/2 billion to 140 Billion. Waht does that airport cost, and how much of it are you paying for it? I remember your LW tactic last time we had this go round, when you tried to intimate that al of the cost of a gallon of AV gas taxes, instead of the 19 cents actually charged. You and Paul Ryan, two peas in a LW zombie pod.
So can your airport, Greg. User fees should be cranked to match costs. You are being subsidized by our desire for fire protection, oh socialist you.
Show me your math Greg. You are wrong somewhere. Seems to indicate a current total useage USA wide of about 9,000,000 gallons of motor vehicle gas per day, or roughly .3 gallons per day for every citizen. Federal gas taxes are roughly 19 cents per gallon. That would be .19 x 9,000,000 for the government's daily take. Yearly that amounts to $624,150,000. $624 million and change. Gregory Goodknight has just gone on record as saying the combined income from the oil companies is less than 1 billion dollars. Prove me wrong, and even adding in the state taxes isn't going to save you. Even if I am off by a factor of ten (and I may be) you are looking at a $140 BILLION dollar money tree:
Tom's real ID is now considered a sock? GregLogic is in fine form this morning. Typepad might be having trouble with Twitter Accounts logging in, you know. Only a total fool would miss the point of the educational aspects of PBS, for those in all homes, but especially those in homes with inadequate adults running the show. Or would you prefer to go back to the Dark Ages, when a substantial number of kids showed up with no concept of the alphabet at all? That would certainly improve our educational system, NOT! Isn't it odd that clean coal comes to us in trains (look at those ads on tv), not trucks, yet those pushing that form of energy, also love to shoot down AMTRAK, which will result in more cars pounding the crap out of, and over crowding, our aging rubber tired infrastructure. Hope you enjoy your 1.4 billion worth of overcrowding the highways, may you be lucky enough not to be in an ambulance on said roads.
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Oct 11, 2012