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tom blakeslee
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SCE's EV rates are a joke. They would actually increase my bill! Yes, it's only 9 cents from Midnight to 6 AM but the daytime rate more than doubles! It is a fraud!
After 7 years and over a billion dollars spent trying to find a practical way to store hydrogen we still have nothing. p89 quote: "since 2008 review more than 350 materials approaches for hydrogen storage were investigated, of which 68 percent have been discontinued and 32 percent are still under investigation. Twenty-one hydrogen storage patents were issued. To date no material for onboard hydrogen storage has been identified that meets the full set of 2015 targets." On p41 they say: "Even assuming that technical and cost barriers were overcome, such approaches to fueling the transportation sector would take two to three decades to make a significant impact." I'm amazed that the committee and congress continue to pour money down this rat hole. Before the FreedomCar program was announced in 2003, every major car manufacturer had working prototypes that used reformers to make hydrogen in the car to make hydrogen from a normal-sized gas tank full of methanol. Methanol is $1 a gallon without subsidies. We could have fuel cell cars today if Bush hadn't thrown them off the track. The 2010 budget (p158) only shows $171k for fuel processors vs $47 million for hydrogen. This is crazy! We need 2x more efficient, clean cars now! In Denmark, Serenergy already has a prototype car using a new high temperature HTPEM fuel cell that works at a temperature compatible with methanol reforming. Too bad the US will miss out because of our hydrogen obsession.
There may be a big problem here. Ultraviolet lamps are very inefficient. (UV LEDs approach 3% efficiency) so the 586/726 + 80.7% efficiency has to be multiplied by the lamp efficiency. Too bad our atmosphere filters out the sun's UV so well.
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Jun 9, 2010