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I agree with Randolph I think. Only time will tell if Reed made the right call here, but this has obviously been his vision and his wish for sometime. Heck go back and review the comments here for the past year. Lots of folks could see this coming. There has been a definite shift in focus away from the discs and towards streaming for awhile now. We can debate all day long how we individually feel about it (personally I'm dumping discs and going streaming only---Hollywood only averages about one good movie every three months anyway). NF took a gamble when it formed over a decade ago, and now they're doing it again trying to reinvent themselves. I hope it works because I like streaming and hope to see more and more content available this way. It seems they're signing as many deals as they lost recently so apparently there are plenty in the industry who see this as the future too. And nobody has even mentioned the original content they are planning to produce. If that idea takes off it adds a whole other dimension to the mix. The only wild card I'm keeping my eye on is pricing. There is a point at which I would no longer pay for a subscription service providing mostly old(er) content. For now I'm onboard and looking forward to what the next 18 to 24 months brings.
@Cindy: I read on here once that you will always have two streams available w/ NF even if you only subscribe to one DVD or none (it's true; I've tested it). Something about latent streams and other techie talk I don't understand. As for taking a corporate decision personally that's not the right way to phrase it. Everyone has to weigh dollars spent vs. value received and decide if it's worth it. NF does offer cheap entertainment when compared to cable, theaters or PPV true enough. However taken on it's own, 1 disc plus streaming for $18/mo is not a good bargain in my opinion. Everyone just has to make up their own mind what the service is worth. My fees are going to go up $6/mo. If they really beef up their streaming content then it might be worth it, but they're not indicating that yet. I'm stepping down to streaming only and then reevaluate in 6 mos or so.
This price hike is a bit extreme if you ask me. With tax you're looking at $18/mo for one disc and streaming. That's too much. I used to pay right around that for three out at a time. Depending on how much streaming you do, the best you can call this value for your dollar is "average". In my opinion most new release movies have sucked over the past two years anyway so I think I'll be dropping to streaming only and augment discs w/ Redbox when I must. I think Blockbuster still has a store open down the road too if push comes to shove. I fully expect streaming only prices to eventually increase someday as well and if they go too far I guess NF and me will be over. And I say all this being a fan of the service.
Like they blew Microsoft away? Like they blew Google/Android away? I think not. Apple comes up w/ cool new toys and packages and markets them well. Lots of people buy them making Apple rich. All this is true. But those toys are then copied and improved upon by others often times making them better and usually cheaper. And in the case of NF they aren't copying anything; they were first. Apple will not be blowing NF away anytime soon if ever. Pure hyperbole.
I have discussed this Sony issue on and off here for several months now. We have two Sony's (The S570 and a BDP-???). Both have streaming issues. It's weird because they will seem to work great for a period of time and then they start buffering. Or one program will stream fine while another buffers. I have tried them hardwired and in the case of the 570 wireless. I have double checked the Comcast bitrate which is always good. Finally I just came to the conclusion that Sony's NF software stinks. I now have an LG LCDTV that streams NF great. It too has buffered, but very infrequently and for short periods of time when it does. The Sonys' are also buggy when playing BR discs too so I think they just need to head back to the drawing board.
I have an LG LED/LCD TV w/ NF that I primarily use to stream. Very solid software w/ few instances of buffering or freezing. The three BluRay and one Roku players I had/have all suffer(ed) from this. No 5.1 yet so there's that but hopefully down the road. I like the new queue interface too. Many more user options and search now. The Sony BluRays also upgraded this feature as well.
I thought 3D Avatar was visually quite stunning. Maybe the story wasn't the best ever written, but certainly far from the worst either. I assume the point he is making is that NF doesn't have the resources to deliver Avatar they way it was intended: 3D, 5.1/7.1 sound and Blu Ray quality. But that's true for all streaming content currently. To say it will never happen is foolish. Who knows what infrastructure and deals NF may come up with in the future. I think Hastings wants to make NF a dominant entertainment destination. Heck he's already part way there.
I have experienced lost/stolen discs almost from the beginning of my NF account living in two different states. It has been sporadic and not the norm but over the years I've reported over a dozen discs. Sometimes they showed up weeks or months later and I just returned them. There have been three or four that never did show up at either end however. I attribute those to corrupt postal employees as I always use a secured postal drop. Since moving to my current location I attribute most of it to an incompetent local postal staff. I rarely mail from my home lock box anymore. Whenever I drop them at work I have no problems. Through all of this NF has never suspended me or even threatened to do so.
This "newer titles to streaming" argument always makes me laugh. Nobody offers what NF offers at this price point. They have a massive and eclectic library of movies ranging from the older up to the fairly recent. In addition to movies they offer several TV series. We would all like to have new and brand new titles go directly to NF with no delay, but we're not living in that world yet. In the meantime this is a pretty good alternative at a super cheap price. Plus which you can always order the DVD's if you so desire. And using cable or premium channels as a comparison is a joke. You might get one or two of those titles to air in a given month subject to their schedule and in the case of cable with commercials all for a big subscription fee. For nine bucks a month NF offers all available titles at your fingertips, on your time table w/out interuptions. It's not even a contest. This Miramax deal only further adds to an already great service.
I'll say it and say it again over and over. There have been very few movies produced over the past couple years that are worth owning. I know tastes vary but overall movies have sucked lately. I would attribute this as a top reason DVD sales are in the toilet.
Wow, that came out of the blue. Wasn't expecting to hear this; I thought only newly manufactured phones would support this app. I've got a year old Evo upgraded to 2.2 and downloaded it tonight. Streams flawlessly from what I can tell so far. I can sympathize with the disapointment if your phone isn't on the list though. As long as Sprint keeps unlimited data plans in effect this should be a nice app. Probably won't use it a lot but nice to have for those times I'm out and about with time to kill.
I'm finding I use the BluRay player less and less these days. A combination of poor new movie selections and plenty to keep me busy on streaming/live TV. This is a complete 180 from where I was at say five years ago when I almost soley watched DVD's. Heck I hardly even turn the player on to access NF since I got a new NF ready TV. Go figure.
I'm not sure it will stop the crew that likes to come in and bash the company financials or the service itself. They (he) seem a pretty dedicated bunch to me, and I've never really noticed much in the way of spam here. But if we need to log in now so be it. -Formerly 'ts'.
I agree with Lonny. During the past 15 or so years HBO has produced very good original content. I have enjoyed watching much of it as well as their boxing coverage and Inside the NFL when it aired. However I too discontinued my HBO sub. last year. It's just not worth $12/mo. to me when the original programming is all I was watching. Lately the boxing has sucked, they canned INFL and I don't care about their endless loop of old movies. In fact movies is the least reason for having HBO, and HBO-GO is a non factor. Couple that w/ a satellite bill already near 100 bucks and it just didn't make sense anymore. I still appreciate their original content and will continue to watch it elsewhere at a much cheaper price. I don't care about waiting for it. I wish NF could get HBO content, but I understand why HBO resists even if I don't like it. is now following The Typepad Team
May 12, 2011