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This devil still has the gods to say he will still rule. is he laughing at the youths? with biya, there is no future and i will seize this situation to tell him that this is just the begining of an ending. keep on smiling for your enemies are all around. i know you must be counting on France like what they did to tchad, but put this in head that Cameroonians are more educated and they know what freedom means.
SDF and SCNC all suck. the leaders of this toothless groups should go and suck dicks like their friends in CPDM. Cameroon needs an extra-ordinary person who is hard and dont play hide and seek to cut that urgly head of Biya out of his shoulder. I rest assure you that the complains are too much and the change is not going to be brough by SDF OR SCNC just because the suck. Real worriors are coming
Bokam must be very stupid in every ways. He just expressed expressed his stupidity with hiding any. Who on earth will stay and fold his or her arm and seeing how things go wrong in the country. teaching comes from every where and not only from parents. If AES sonel is not efficient enough to teach the children how to live in and educative and peaceful environment, who do you want to teach them. I don't even know where people like you where picked. Pig
The message above is for that dirty ass man who calls himself ´truth teller
Our grand fathers gave them lands bcos they knew these people were hard working and they proved it. I live in Europe and have been in situations of this kind where these stupid racists people always blame blacks for coming to their country, taking their jobs and taking theirs wives. It is normal that when you have plenty, people from outside will invade you. This is a situation of seeing or puting an end to the prices we are paying bcos of our dirty chieves and biya´s government, you are there talking shit. If we all think like you SW will be in the middle of the hands of these blood hunters. Where are you then putting SW? You are like those chieves who are doing things just to cater for their stomach and not for every one. Brothers and sisters, dont blame that fool, all i want to say is that we should be concious and try to liberate the whole of Cameroon and not liberating it for the interest of a particular blood and money mongers. The shooting is not only in SW even though it is the breething ground but every where in Cameroon. Please, we should all fight for Cameroon and not for SCNC and its sucking ideas
Do not let emotions take parathon. Im from SW and also want to penetrate the hearts of my SW brothers and sisters that it is our own chieves who sold Cameroon 2 Biya thinking that they are harming the highlanders who are the majority. but failing 2 understand that a place like SW needed people to boom the economy. If there should be any change, then firing at the chieves first b4 pointing fingers at biya will be the best. May the ideas of paa ngombius be burried
You, Paa Ngumbius, you are one of those people who will sell what you are claiming to be fighting for one day. When biya will buy you, you will stay quite. Do you even know one francophone cameroonian was shot almost to dead in Buea? this is the time we all have to put our heads up and try to liberate ourselves from this vampire regime that wants to take all the youths lives away rather than trying to split Cameroonians. biya and his troops are planting hell but don't know.
Good of the prime minister. i think we the South-Westerners have started reasoning to normal. SW is the riches province and needs to be the most developed. We should sell our whole self to biya. Please, we need unity and development in SW and not politics. say no to biya and corruption.