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I'm sure that's the case, but when did they get a chance to do that?
I don't know about Christian. He started appearing before the time jump started. And I know it's tough to wrap your head around this. But I was just re-reading a story I did in 2005 about the various mysteries of Lost, and at the end, I listed a bunch of questions about the show. Nearly all of them, aside from the big "What is the island" have been answered.
10. Poltergeist 11. A History of Violence 12. Signs
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Not really, Brian. When she was featured prominently in the "Previously on..." segment, I was worried that meant she would be revealed as the fifth Cylon. When she killed herself, I was thinking "Oh, OK...that's why they did that...not because she's a Cylon, but because she was going to die."
It's not as funny outside the context of "The Office," although it was neat hearing the new lyrics.
Now that would be a twist no one would have seen coming, aside from some fan fiction authors out there.
The scene with Phyllis at the end was surprisingly poignant; she just didn't have it in her to be mean.
Well, it's a death-knell for original script-writing at NBC. I imagine cable will continue to attract more high quality shows that might have otherwise gone to NBC. Whether that will translate to ratings, I don't know.
I've seen the first two episodes, and have to say I liked the second one better than the first. I think the characters are all fairly likable. (Sophie is played by Gina Bellman of the excellent BBC sitcom Coupling.) But I still think TNT has yet to come up with a drama that's as good as anything on the other cable networks.
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I'm guessing he's going out to prowl the streets. I can see a possible arrest for impersonating a police officer in Vic's future, that or life as a shady private eye. The series hinted at that in the past, introducing ex-cop characters who had clearly been as crooked as Mackey had been when they were "on the job."
And yeah, I should have included some funny moments too. The show has always been bleak, but it's never lost its sense of humor. Anything with Detective Billings this season was beautiful. I also liked this moment: After Shane sleeps with the stripper in season one, she convinces him that she's innocent of the assualts the Strike Team has been investigating, and he cuts a deal with her. This flips Mackey out, because he knows she's the one behind the assaults. Lem -- who has no idea about Shane and the stripper -- comes to Vic and Shane and tells them that he's learned that "apparently she's some sort of Svengali" who can get men to do whatever she wants. Vic, talking to Lem but looking at Shane (with contempt): "You don't say."
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I haven't seen it, so this is only a guess, but I would imagine this finale will be a lot more satisfying than, say, "The Sopranos" (which I acutally liked quite a bit).
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