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Even 50% electric efficiency is possible according to reporting on this site:
Never heard of Bio-L-CNG before - what is it? Instead of flaring off the gas, it should be burned in gensets @40-45% electric efficiency and help with California's persistent rolling blackout problem!!!
In the words of Rodney King, "Can we all (advanced gasoline, Diesel, hybrid and EVs) just get along?"
Electric motors operate with efficiencies of over 90% over a large part of the map, so the claim of "31% more efficient than average" is suspect. If one were to significantly understate the efficiency to 75%, a 31% improvement would yield 98.25%, yet another implausibility.
Hydrogen addition extends the combustible limit and counteracts the declining flame speed of dilute and low-oxygen concentration (i.e. via EGR) combustion.
Treehugger said: "So I understand that the gain in efficiency mainly comes from the fact that they can run very lean and thus use high compression ratio. Lean running engine are efficient and produce low NOx but they are not stochiometric so the exhaust treatment is made more difficult." What I read from it is that the efficiency benefit comes mainly from very rapid combustion as the result of the issuing jet from the prechamber igniting the main charge at multiple sites. It *can* run lean while maintaining fast combustion and low CoV, but benefits are also seen with stoichiometric operation and would thus be compatible with three-way catalysis.
BSFC differs from ISFCn only by FMEP. Wall heat transfer is already accounted for.
Interesting stuff. Hope an OEM signs-up FEV to implement HECS in a production vehicle.
GE has the technology though its Jenbacher division to utilise flare gas and other low heating value gaseous fuels in cost-effective gensets to generate electricity. Refineries and gas pipeline companies should be compelled through banning the practice of flare gas burn-off or release so that they can be converted while producing something useful out of it.
It will be interesting to see how F1's application of 500 bar injection technology trickles down and benefits road vehicles.
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Dec 10, 2010