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If the Jedi took a trip to Pandora for a movie... it would be absolutley insane
Commented Feb 14, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
QOTD: I think Sam had a harder time, because he had to remember that he was acting as a paraplegic, and might have had a hard time remember he couldn't use his legs at all. Continue reading
Posted Feb 14, 2010 at AVATAR
The Super Bowl isn't even the final game... the winners have to go to Pandora to play the Na`vi. That would be the Most Intense Game Ever. Continue reading
Posted Feb 7, 2010 at AVATAR
It's interesting... the thantor is out-sized and out-numbered... yet he is able to intimidate the others....
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
Toggle Commented Jan 17, 2010 on No title at AVATAR
ehhh i know theres a better word... industrialized was the best i could think of at the moment
I think the unobtanium is just there and unnecessary to the na'vi- similar to how there was gold in the western USA, and the native americans didn't need it... yet we invaded them and took their gold. It just goes... Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2010 at AVATAR
Haha yep,the only thinks in our minds are "that was amazing" and "life as humans on earth sucks."
of course! neytiri cannot take over as the female leader before her mother resigns... but lets not forget that Tsu tey did take leadership for a while, even though he didnt even have a mate
but when the first one comes out on dvd... theres tons of bonus scenes... so that should hold us over for a while =]
Haha true... its only een out for less than a month and we're all already excited about the sequel!
Yes mr snuggles, i havent even thought about their leadership yet... it should be interesting
Haha thats what i was thinking...
Well... the exact same thing is happening to me- withdrawl... and (lol coincidence) im also goin to see it for the third time tommarrow nite. Don't worry- you'll make it through tommarow, Pandora is not going anywhere without you tsumakan!
What do you guys think the Omaticaya did in the long run to fix their hometree "problem"? Do they find a new one? Or do they forever live with their sacred ancestor tree? Hometree was their home (lol hence hometree)... Continue reading
Posted Jan 7, 2010 at AVATAR
so... the two guys just stay at the compund by themselves as everyone else is a Na'vi in the forest? Thats what i dont get... i mean its not like its an important aspect to the story AT ALL, but it does make me wonder
I've finnaly thought of an unanswered question! What happens to Norm? (and the other guy who's name escapes me at this moment) Did they turn him into his Avatar body as well? Does he live among the Na'vi as a... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2010 at AVATAR
maybe they would go to another moon to find a new hometree? just an idea of course....
And don't forget jakes fight with the dog things (dont know what they're called)... Tom might not have been so combat trained and may have had his avatar killed right there before Neytiri had a chance to save him- if she would save him
all very true ideas- i was extremely skeptical about the rumor as well, but i wanted to see what the rest of the forum had to say about it
But jeremy- jake was only chased by the thantor because his inexperiance caused him to wander off
yeah, i mean, if the experienced avatar pilot went instead of the unexperienced marine veteran, would it have caused the doom of the Omaticaya?
that is very true
Here's something to think about.... Jake only went to pandora to fill in for his brother who died- Suppose his brother was not dead and went to pandora instead of jake.... What would have happened? It was jakes inexperience that... Continue reading
Posted Jan 6, 2010 at AVATAR
thank you derek- my life is whole once again and ikran- i also heard that it would not be on pandora.... so does anyone know about that?