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I've been going through turmoil re. the survival of consciousness beyond physical death. Survival seems the only thing that keeps me from nihilistic despair, gives me a belief in justice, etc. The confidence of modern materialistic science is intimidating and fierce. How could so many brilliant people be so wrong? But forget the survival of mind after death, these same people deny the existence of psi, the evidence of which seems overwhelming- not just in terms of courtroom evidence, but even in the lab. My belief in psi, as strong as it is, is still undercut by their insistence that it's bunk. So, if that's true for me who's been spiritually oriented all my life, imagine how true that is for most folks. No wonder popular beliefs are so hard to buck- they just suck you in! And right when I think I've returned to a belief in survival, I wonder if I want one! Life is challenging..... I have a session with a medium in 2 weeks- I hope my confusion and skepticism will not ruin the reading! Any comments on that?
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Jan 22, 2013