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I say keep them BOTH! THis is BEAUTIFUL!! I totally want one! LOVE the new one I bet some people would still prefer the other one as well. especially with the divider! They are just different and variety is GOOD! You could always sell a two pack of patterns that has both varieties??
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2011 on Waste Free Lunch Bag revealed at Gingercake
Thankyou for this! I have put a lot of thought into explaining this to my husband lately. He doesn't understand why I don't just GET I BED! But I find that I must: -quiet things down (this often includes cleaning up so that I can focus a bit better) - work through at least some of the trains of though in my head - Focus on SOMETHING (that comes to a nice tidy finish) long enough to quiet the other thoughts in mu head. Its a good prescription for me!(Also helps me get things done... if I've been holding ideas in my head all day long without a chance to look into them, NOW is he time.) though,it DOES often put me staying up LAT.. since my kids don't go down till 10. And my HUGE challenge is in coming to bed if my hubby goes first (while my brain is still too chatty to sleep!!)
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May 7, 2011