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This paragraph in particular grabbed my attention: "Speaking of expectations, how can we blithely critique teachers for not using "high expectations" as a handy tool to leverage student learning, when we're ambivalent about providing those same kids with adequate health care? Don't we want all children to reach for more than credentials and possessions--should we expect them to become productive in ways other than generating wealth?" As you know, I have volunteered at medical missions/fairs in the Appalachian portion of Virginia, and teach in a district where a 12 year old died when the infection from an abcessed tooth spread into his brain. Absent health care, sufficient nutrition, basic economic security and the like, it seems almost cruel the demands we are placing on our students. Why are we not placing similar high expectations on our government and financial and business leaders, some of whom have failed miserably in recent years? I will continue to challenge my students as much as I can, but I will also periodically have to lift them up from the slings and arrows of inequity in which they live.
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