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No kidding David. as if numbers of kids in a classroom does not matter. Even the most effective teachers will teach less effectively or even ineffectively under poor working conditions (including too many students to know well).
Liz. Sorry for the tardy response! I hold the same sentiments, but I am buoyed by our growing virtual community of accomplished teachers whose collective voices we seek to elevate -- and our efforts to have their ideas heard, understood, and embraced. My latest post on teacherpreneurism - a concept illuminated in a new book. Teaching 2030, that I have penned with 12 teaching colleagues — pushes on some the important issues you have raised. we have an uphill climb. There are significant forces that have sought to keep teachers "cheap and compliant" for a long time. But they can be overcome....but not w/o teacher leaders like you!
Taylor - so, so good to see you writing again. Please share your new journey with us! - John
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Mar 15, 2010