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Chris, Thanks for always making the complex seem so are the best!
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2013 on Success is Hard at Author Chris Brady's Blog
Top 10 lessons I have learned from Orrin and Chris 1. We are all worth minimun wage from the neck down. 2. Leaders are readers. 3. People before tasks. 4. LIFE your live on purpose...You can't hit a target that is not set! 5. Wherever I go there I am! 6. Dream, struggle, then the victory. 7. Expect critisism when swimming upstream. 8. Principles over profit. 9. I am the project. 10. Today is the it now! Most importantly I have learned that good men can still succeed in this world. God honors commitment! Raymond Abernathy is now following The Typepad Team
May 14, 2012