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How about taking a drink for every time you stumble across a copyright violation on YouTube? Better pick a lite beer for that test.
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This is a great feature. I'm surprised how popular email remains to this day, considering how much more usable RSS readers are for blog reading, but hey, it can't hurt to give people the option.
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I'd rather jump through a CAPTCHA hoop than register at yet another WordPress blog in order to leave a quick comment. I recently ran across an article that showed registrations can actually lower the quality of conversation since busy people are less likely to contribute their thoughts than people with way too much time on their hands.
Toggle Commented Apr 21, 2006 on TypePad succumbs to public pressure at aqualung
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It's a very interesting tool, but it seems like it will be readily abused by owners of mediocre sites trying to game the system by linking to very popular sites. I'm not sure how Google will address that.
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I've become a big fan of Writely. I don't post from the service because of the category issue, but find it very useful for writing, spell checking, and sharing drafts with others before posting. It also prevents some of the formatting issues that come from writing posts in Word, then pasting them into a blog program. I've had issues with Word whether I paste just the copy or the HTML Word creates (nasty stuff).
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