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Small groups focused on impact will reach greater impact when trust is growing into evolutionary friendships, where people care as much for each other's well-being and well-becoming as their own. The opportunity-based narratives need the passion of those explorers who want to work on the greatest opportunity: liberating the social creativity of labor from the regimes of command-givers and command-takers. Networks will help us to scale impact when they spawn communities of practice that grow into systems of influence. Movements are slowly coalescing into issue-oriented ecosystems, waiting for the emergence of a new breed of ecosystem catalysts working for civilizational renewal.
John, here's a bit to the symbology of the 20, from the Native American tradition: the Sacred Twenty Count.
Acquired, cultivated capabilities? Yes, and there’s a further distinction that can be made. In times of a massive, epic transition in the world, leading through breakdown or breakthrough to our next evolutionary plateau, the compound capability to upgrade one's operating system takes on vital importance. Here are some sample components of that compound capability: Attention leadership Ability to manage one’s attention to what one pays attention to, as a high-value personal asset Building a personal advisory board Ability to attract and work with trusted mentors in various areas of one’s life Cognitive load management * Ability to discriminate and filter information for importance, and to understand how to maximize cognitive functioning using a variety of tools and techniques Cross-cultural competence * Ability to operate in different cultural settings Generative listening and generative conversation Ability to listen and speak from the highest potential of the other person Perspective-taking Ability to perceive a situation or understanding a concept from an alternative point of view, such as that of another individual Symmathesy "Ability to position and reposition, calibrate, shift, and respond to responses within contexts of multiple, simultaneous interaction" (Nora Bateson) (Abilities marked with * are sourced from the Institute of the Future.) These and similar capabilities are so edgy that they may not yet be found in institutional practice, certainly not in an integrated manner. Nevertheless, their study is essential to increase individual and institutional well-being and well-becoming in a changing world. The research methodology that can be up for that task is Generative Action Research (GAR) that I wrote about here . I'm open to applying it to a "next-stage capabilities" research in collaboration with the Quest for Capabilities at the Center for the Edge.
John, thanks for your courage of writing about and for the narrative, in intellectual climate dominated by the post-modernists "no narrative" narrative. I just posted a blog dialoguing with yours, here: .
with that post, you became my role model!
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Sep 14, 2010
Bernd, i think what you suggest is a direction in convo processing definitely worth to explore. It's not clear how I could contribute to it. What I've been experimenting with is collaborative, time-stamped note-taking that parsing the notes for gems and complete them from the audio segment at the corresponding time stamp, if need be.
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> If I find you in both A and B that attracts my attention and I realize we have more in common. I forgot to tell that I wrote something related to that in 2003, in a blog about "community straddling" , in which I borrowed and referenced Sebpaquet's concept of the same, which he mentioned in his essay on "Online Communities and the Future of Culture" . In his comment on my blog, Flemming Funch added: "George also pointed out in an e-mail today the leverage found in the ability to speak multiple languages, in terms of collective intelligence. American supremacy made the world learn English. But now there probably are more people who speak two or more languages in Europe than in the U.S. More people who are fluent in straddling multiple cultures. This is all important, I think. Will become increasingly important. People who act as neurons between cells that otherwise wouldn't be connected, because they speak different languages or have different world views or specialize in different areas." Now, reading CoCreatr's thoughts on connecting circles, and being present to the zillions new tools enabling it, I feel it's time for some serious, participatory action research into this fertile area of boosting our CI at increasing scale. I just wish we can find a Medici for the new Renaissance to sponsor it... :-)
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hi openworld, > a person's user profile might quickly (visually) show causes and people they consider part of their "extended self," in civic, personal, and business dimensions awesome! when we get there that would be a BIG step accelerating the process of our planetary innervation! > We may do a #junto or Skype session this Saturday around 11 pm Eastern time - if you're free, it would be great to have you and any other kindreds join! I'd love to but didn't find a "Register" link at What did I overlook?
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CoCreatr, more such mutual recognitions are happening not only in yours and my universe, but also in the universe of everybody else I know on the edge. Wondering what does it tell about the likelihood of a social singularity within our lifetime? How would it look like? Can it be a milestone pointing to Omega Point or, at least, a step towards the global mind awakening to sentience? In either way, fun times ahead; also hugely challenging. That's because higher-order, global-scale CI is not optional, it's an imperative of survival, IMHO.
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Jun 10, 2010