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Sure thing Kemo Sabe. I dig Portland!
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Mar 15, 2010
Joanna, PCI simply does not apply to many. If you never handle CCdata, like if you're using KickStartCart (link above), PCI does not apply. This is a great reason to use such a solution for smaller merchants. I'd never want to deal with PCI regulations myself, even though I have helped clients (I do a LOT of security consulting)
Pretty much every ISP has directions, as do all email clients, whether Thunderbird, Pegasus, or Outlook. Or Google "set up email" or similar.
Bad consultants embed themselves. Good consultants leave once they are not adding value anymore.
Thanks Reg, Should always check links, and probably not post late at night while falling asleep :)
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Hi Yousef, You can't sell digital products like PDFs from Amazon last I checked. You can from ($50 onetime setup fee for your account) or you can sell it yourself - see for example.
Hi Ezg, Great question, to be answered in more detail in part II. Most comments ARE "no follow", although not on all blogs, even in WordPress. The search engines do find and index then, although they do not (supposedly) give any link credit for them. I do believe however they pay attention to the anchor text, although not as much as a true "dofollow" link. For those of you not following this, details in part II early next week or sooner on do follow and no follow links.
Thanks Paul, I'm sure she'll do a great job
Douglas, Here's an idea for you - I'm going to write an article on the two types of killer content for your blog. One type almost everyone understands and strives for, the other (based on niche keyword research) is less well understood, but both help increase visibility and traffic. If you like it, you could write a post on how you're applying (or not applying and why) this as a guest post here, with links back to your blog of course. If I don't write this post within a couple of weeks ping me - overloaded right now!
Greg, Asking your target audience what they want is very smart -- what we might think they want and what they really want aren't always the same. I'm around late this week and look forward to hearing from you and maybe working together again.
Well, since we're all social, maybe just a big party?? Something like "Burning Man" maybe :) Seriously though, some type of preliminary gathering or organization would be good. I would welcome some type of organization or gathering under a pre-existing organization, or maybe something "Podcamp" like?). A separate org is fine too, but it may be early . . . As far as "Best Practices" -- no way. I would MUCH prefer a list of "Worst Practices" -- things to avoid, things that don't work. "Best Practices" tend to stifle creativity and cause people to shut their brains off.
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Hi Lora, Thanks for mentioning my ebook Effective Internet Presence! It'll be getting a slight facelift this week too with a new release -- just some minor tweaks, pictures, and a new cover. I'm also a regular reader of Dan Schawbel's blog, and am going to go check out Steve Pavlina's article now
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Errr Mark, excuse me first of all because I've been flying all day, just got to a hotel where the Internet isn't working so I'm sitting in the bar using wireless drinking cheap wine while a better bottle sits in my room, and I'm just tired and CRANKY right now. 30 wasted minutes with Hotel Internet support in India doesn't help my mood. Not sure exactly what you're talking about, will reread tomorrow for sure. Matt bought some of my books from Amazon, and I donated a few "Secrets of Successful Blogging" booklets too. I haven't noticed any horrendous behavior on his part, although I haven't exactly been watching him. And I just scanned Jeremiah's post -- must of missed it as I enjoy reading him. Matt's behavior (and I only know him through maybe a couple emails back and forth) doesn't seem at the level of spammers, thieves, or worse, although perhaps it's borderline at worst. OK, now I promise I'll read your blog in more detail to see what kind of wine you link (my biggest 'holdings' are Port and Champagne, but my tastes are diverse. The white zinfadel on display at my home is a joke, although if someone ikes it who am I to derive them of their pleasure?
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