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Teddy Mcnabb
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Labours lead in the Polls is not down to Labour but this vile coalition government performance. Remember when Labour had a 24 pt lead and who got in. William Hill betting is better than the Polls, have a peep. i for one wont be voting for Millionaire Ed who promises Welfare Cuts in 2015, nor have i like some goldfish forgotten 13 years of Labour outdoing the Tories. Nor as a constituent in Northampton North am i going to vote for the Tory in the Red Coat Sally Keeble, the posh, privileged, careerist, elitist, expenses 100% Blairite , who is loathed, she had 27,000 votes in 1997, 11,000 votes in 2010,i dont see any of Ed,s "forgotten 50%" [ non-Uni] in the Parliamentary Party nor do i expect to.
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Robert, "labour!?" has been hijacked, by privileged, careerist, elitist, self-serving politicians and their m.p.s are NOT representative, of the poor, weak, vulnerable, elderly, disabled, working class, in effect they are tories. 4-5M voters have abandoned "Labour" since 1997 and 4-5M arent wrong!
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Jan 24, 2012