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By the way, as much as 650.000 of his book have been sold so far. Tens of thousands have downloaded the E-book. His puplic appearances are booked out way in advance. I guess if people were not fed up with the current unregulated immigration situation and the unwilling and often hostile and ungrateful immigrants, it would not be an issue. Personally, I do not believe in pampering immigrants. As I went to the UK in the early 90' for a couple of years, I went to morning classes to improve my English and worked in the evening. And I payed for it myself. Here in Germany, the immigrants expect this to be free and while they reluctantly do the courses they feel they cannot work and rely on Social Security while producing more kids they cannot afford to care for themselves.
Nature Magazin, American Journal Of Human Genetics, Forschung zu Gene und Herkunft von Menschen jüdischen Glaubens,
David- Sarrazin merely quoted during an interview, the DNA studies of US scientists form the University of New York. The results were published in The New York Times and the magazine 'Nature". His comments were in no way racist, as he merely refected the point, that certain groups share apart from culture, traditions etc. als a genetic link. But as usual, a German talking about Jews and genes makes a good headline.
I recommed for all to read his book and then judge. The german government is more worried about its international reputation than dealing with its failed immigration policy. Sarrazin puts his hand in the wound and all the german government and critics can come up with is calling him a Nazi and Racist, and that before they even read his book.
@hatty If all Americans of German ancestry left the country-many States would be depopulated.
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Aug 30, 2010