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Rich Kirkpatrick
Interests: Christianity, coffee, leadership, music, worship leading, spirituality, piano, keyboards, guitars, digital home recording, family life, reading, film, hiking, Macs
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Why are leaders afraid of conversation if they know they are in the "right" is one thing I would love to ask Perry if he would give me the chance. My blog, by the way, is what I say in public. My face and reputation is there and NO hiding. I take flack and comments and people can find me at my church. So, I am not sure Perry is talking about me is he?
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This system of untouchable entitlement is what needs to be called out. I love Noble's passion for lost people and know he has Bible-Belt-critics slammin him daily, but he is not infallible and I think he freely admits that. The local church needs a "COMMUNITY" of leaders not just superstars who we celebrate. I am FOR Perry Noble. I sure hope Noble will understand that you do not want to become like the people who have been against you--today is more about conversation than a single man having power and authority. Profits are not appointed by mass appeal. We all need to be very careful, in other words. Conversation, community and accountability are a good combination. This is what I propose to answer the system that pumps out power to the charismatic leaders, and silences any kind of questioning or conversation. What kind of testimony is it to non-Christians when we rant against each other? Lets talk and celebrate where where we can be together rather than where we disagree!
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Love "Beautiful the Blood" !
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