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The big question in the fallout of the Bitcoin foundation is its impact on the Bitcoin protocol core development team including lead developer Gavin Andresen. The Linux or Mozilla foundations are key in the success of their respective open source software.
I tend to agree with Ben. At core technology wise, its about comparing to types of data storing architectures. A centralised database (Nosql for example) which provides superior performance in many fields (with maybe exception of security) and a decentralised blockchain database which can be superior in specific cases i.e. trustless multi party environments or when highly auditable data storage / manipulation is necessary. The uses cases for such a technology maybe non currency (most likely in my view). Delegation of mining (or other proof validation) could be possible without having to create a currency paradigm. i.e. I contractually delegate the technical "processing" of my blockchain to 4/5 independent parties which in pay in $ for example. This is where things are becoming interesting when building blockchains as a flexible technical platform (more to come soon)
With semantic web in transaction, will the monetary value be reduced to one of the component of an exchange?
1% , difficile d'estimer en montant mais il est sur qu'ici aux Etats-Unis le mouvement de Finance 2.0 genere de plus en plus d'attention ( et de traffic: a un traffic equivalent a la 10eme plus grosse banque americaine ) Mais ce n'est peut etre pas seulement l'Europe ou les Etats-Unis qu'il faut regarder pour ces innovations mais aussi l'Afrique qui est pionniere dans les paiements avec mobile. M-Pesa, par exemple, permet d'emettre et recevoir des paiements avec son telephone mobile sans compte bancaire. Une solutions pour les 5 millions de non-bancarises en France?
I fully agree with the possibility of developing "RyanAir" banks, I think they could even go further by getting rid of the "portal services" for their clients. Mint for example provides better service than most banks, and its comparison tool is ideal for a bank using this strategy. Having the best rates, they will be on top of the recommended lists. Using a set of APIs, they could even let this outsourced portal manage transfer, bill payments, etc... I hinted at this in these blog posts As you describe it, any request outside of a simple offer (more than 2 transfers for example), would be billed to the client.
I totally agree with your analysis and think the parallel to the traditional publishing platforms with banks can be made at a finer level. I believe information "freedom" or the capacity to access your financial information outside of a walled banking experience will have the same dramatic impact on banks as it has on the media industry (even more, because at core, this information belongs to the customer)
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Mar 8, 2010