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So long as these things are tied to the old media distribution model (paying cable/satellite TV providers), they will not pose a threat to Netflix or any other service. Once they are detached from that old model and are open for anyone to subscribe to, then it may change the game.
Given the requirements attached to being able to use the app, I don't see it as a threat to Netflix.
Perhaps... If streaming was going to get more expensive, it is a good thing that they split up the pricing so that people could choose to pay for it or not, rather than bake it all in the way cable/satellite treats you. The bad customer service move is splitting up the websites, with no integration, along with the rumor that we may be losing all the ratings, reviews, etc. That's a bad customer service move, no matter what business reason necessitated the change.
I hope they are about to hit a home run with this split, else they are going to have burned up a lot of goodwill. Netflix had built up a brand based on great customer service, but has been taking steps that weaken their position. One of the big sins of customer service is choosing to make things easier for you while making it harder for your customers. Oddly enough, they are quite vulnerable right now. Dish Network has deep enough pockets to give Blockbuster a strong push. Content providers are looking for an up-and-comer to throw their weight behind, the same way they once did with Netflix. Seems a bad time to choose to disrupt your customer experience.
Wow. Indeed. Paying customers who are unhappy about changes to a service should go to a combat zone. Your logic is mesmerizing.
At first this sounded like no big deal, but the more I read and think about it, the worse it sounds. Not being integrated is workable for me, but only if they keep the histories intact. I want the same exact experience, down to all of the ratings, rental history, etc. This whole thing smells of Netflix inconveniencing its customers for its own gain. Have to see how they make it work, because it smells like a major customer service blunder for an organization that has been known for being a great one. Those of you accustomed to doing business with bad companies won't even blink, but those of us who are more selective see trouble on the horizon.
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Sep 19, 2011