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I think "refactor" has been autocorrected to "refractor".
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2010 on Making Too Much of TDD at Michael Feathers
This amounts to exactly the criticism of Jeph regarding Muse: You don't like Questionable Content because it's popular. Pandering to his audience is a smart business move, besides the fact that Jacques obviously prefers his comic's imaginary world to consist of mainly non-homophobes and the like. It's funny that you noted his tendency to devolve into "indie jokes", because he hasn't done that to any large degree in a long time. His fan base no longer mainly consists of members of the indie "scene", so wouldn't your claim that he relies on references to indie culture imply that he's doing exactly the opposite of pandering (at least in that area)? You're a joke.
This was possibly the most arrogant "critique" I've ever read. You apparently despise Weiner's subjective view of what's "right" but use subjectivity to make that point and every other. The difference is that he's making a webcomic, and not pretending to be objective, whereas you are. Your statements are sweeping an erroneous; for example, "no one but jilted English majors grooves on making fun of literary theory." I quite enjoy it myself, and happen not to be any sort of English major. Many of Weiner's comics are popular not because of their average art or any nerd jokes, but because of the way he uses language. He approaches (if perhaps never reaches) the level of linguistic sophistication that Ryan North employs in Dinosaur Comics to great effect. I'm sure he values his English degree greatly. Overall, Weiner seems pretty well rounded - a physics student who understands engineering, has an English major, draws every day, dabbles in psychology and other disciplines - whereas you sound like an Arts major butthurt that you don't understand nerd jokes. Although apparently the reality is that you're a nerd getting butthurt on behalf of Arts majors; what a fine endeavor. Above all, you're forgetting that it's a god-damned webcomic. If you need utmost respect for every discipline in the planet to be conveyed in every webcomic that exists, you need psychological help.
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Jul 16, 2010