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Interests: Reading, writing, knitting, antiquing, cooking
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OMG, I LOVE this one!! I was addicted to this show and one year dressed as Buffy for Halloween. Blonde wig and stake and cross, but unfortunately not the whipcord muscles...anyway. Okay. Root: Angel. Too tortured for a long-term stable relationship. Shoot: Riley. He was actually kind of dense about letting Buffy walk all over him in her platform vampire-kickers. Marry: Xander. He's a sweetie, really. And I think I could wear the pants in that relationship. But I also agree with previous commenters that Spike was really where it was at, except for his oddly plastic hair. As for the girls: Root: Faith, although it might be scary. Shoot: Willow, she always kind of got on my nerves. Marry: The Buffster.
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Gracious. Root: Jakob Dylan. Young and vigorous. Shoot: Kiefer Sutherland. Not sure why, except that I always see him as the evil boy vampire from "Lost Boys." Marry: Julian McMahon. Then I could be a "real" Aussie, rather than just a once-and-former US expat in Melbourne. As for the ladies present: Root: Liv Tyler. She's lurvely. Shoot: Kate Hudson, for breaking Owen Wilson's heart and sending him into a suicidal depression, so the tabs say. Marry: Gwyneth. For her bones and her breeding.
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