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Patriot bull charging through the china shop of party politics, shattering the lies.
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It's funny how it's okay to use mathematical modelling to challenge big government public health campaigns, but it's wrong to use climate change modelling to promote reducing carbon emissions.
Next will come right to adopt and then the family court disputes that will inevitably arise and all the problems associated with that except how does the court (which now rules ridiculously in favour of the women no matter the circumstances) decide who is the mum and who is the dad? As I have pointed out to you already kraka, same-sex couples can already adopt and the sky has not yet fallen in. Those who argue that the issue is the "exclusivity" afforded to the straight community are correct. Granting rights "exclusively" to only one class of society is discrimination.
CO2 + H2O -> H2CO3 (carbonic acid) -> H' + HCO3` (first pronation plus bicarbonate) -> 2H' + CO3`` (carbonate and second pronation) Not sure what your point is here Anton. Surely you accept that dissolving CO2 in water reduces its pH even though the new H+ ions come from the water. It shifts the equilibrium of CO2 + H2O ⇌ H+ + HCO3- to the right. Increasing the concentration of H+ shifts the equilibrium of H+ + CO32- ⇌ HCO3- to the right, reducing the concentration of carbonate ions and making it more difficult for organisms to form CaCO3. (source) If this is too magic for you, just go to the raw facts - ocean pH is not changing. Citation needed. References 3, 4, 5 and 13 here show that ocean pH is falling.
Seems to work pretty well for China too.
Here you go Andy;query=Id%3A%22chamber%2Fhansards%2Fa4957b3f-ab63-4808-adcc-e7697c000e23%2F0062%22
lol "helmut"
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2012 on Freedom Is Making A Comeback! at Menzies House
Reminder: same-sex couples can already adopt children or have them through a surrogacy or anonymous sperm donor arrangement, as I've pointed out on MH before.
What's the average true range on the XJO over the last few months Andy?
Funny that Andy says it's nanny state socialism when McDonald's provide nutrition information on the menu, but he wants the "party of small government" to ensure politically correct teaching by sacking anyone who might be seen to be "partisan" (naturally, in the opinion of the day's government).
What the Gillards of this world don't understand is that by subsidizing middle and higher income earners to keep in PHI they are actually SAVING money. Most people with PHI will keep it even without the subsidy — so withdrawing the subsidy from them will save the government money. I suspect the wealthy are more likely to pay for PHI regardless of the subsidy, so if the subsidy is withdrawn only for wealthier citizens the government can reduce further the proportion of people who will return to the public system. The $750m per annum spent on rebates for PHI "extras" will be saved for sure, since those extras are not provided in the public system. The government predicts that the partial withdrawal of the subsidy will save it $2.4b over 3 years. Do you have any evidence to suggest that these estimates are wrong?
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2012 on Medicare HECS? at Menzies House
The term "HEC assessment debt" is defined in section 34. It refers to a specific HECS repayment which has been assessed by the ATO, not the total HECS debt. So if you die after filing your tax return, and you have a tax debt because you earned enough for HECS repayments to kick in, that's still payable by your estate. The remaining HECS debt is written off. Kudos to Terje for acknowledging the social policy reasons underlying the Medicare system before arguing for changes to it. There is one important difference between higher education and medical care: all higher education is elective. Under this system, people with expensive medical issues will generally end up poorer (even if nobody is prevented from getting medical treatment altogether). I'm not sure I think that is fair, although I suppose you could equally argue that it is not fair to be subject to higher taxation to pay for others' medical treatments. I wonder if you have some evidence for the claim that the health sector doesn't "benefit from either government ownership or government operation so we should extricate the government from it." The fact that the various socialised health care systems cost (per capita) about half as much as the USA's private system doesn't seem to support your case, but I realise that there could be many other variables at play there. If the private sector can deliver health care cheaply and more effectively than the public sector, why has it failed to do so in the US?
Toggle Commented Feb 19, 2012 on Medicare HECS? at Menzies House
in the case that you are allowed to adopt kids and there is a divorce-are you the male or female parent???? Irrespective of gender you say-how is a judge to choose between two men or two women???? Same-sex couples are already allowed to adopt kids. Judges already follow a gender-neutral process for making parenting orders in the child's best interest; here's an example. any kids raised by two idealogical gays will be pariahs among other kids and teased far more than other kids from normal two parent families-thats what kids do I went to school with kids who were raised by same-sex couples. Nobody cared. Have you noticed that young people are much more likely to favour same-sex marriage than older generations? What right do gay activists have in enforcing their views through the education system The same rights that any other political group has — and there are generally a variety campaigning on university campuses. Normal is what the majority do. Homosexuality is outside the norm. If that's the case, I suppose homosexuality falls into the same category as deviant activities like going to church, commenting on political blogs, riding a bicycle, playing the guitar...
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2012 on Tony Abbott: The People’s Man at Menzies House
There is nothing wrong with being gay, and it is quite normal. Since when do parents have a "right" to control the material their university-age children are exposed to?
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2012 on Tony Abbott: The People’s Man at Menzies House
What exactly are the bad consequences of government deficits of the kind we're experiencing in Australia right now? Fiscal policy should be set according to the public interest, not a slavish devotion to balancing the budget over the business cycle — although if there is evidence that balancing the budget is in the public interest, then we certainly should do so. I've yet to see any such evidence, although if you have some, I'm sure the Labor Party would love to see it.
For the record the lefty logic is that you can run ongoing deficits to fund social spending and, miraculously, this won't matter regardless of how long you do it. It is entirely possible to run ongoing deficits when the government issues its own fiat currency. Unconstrained deficits have consequences, but running out of money is not one of them. Government spending is not analogous to household spending.
That would be because the RBA's "job" is not to set interest rates on retail loans.
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2012 on Is the RBA Becoming Irrelevant? at Menzies House
That is demonstrably false bluebell. Some people are harder workers than others, but the government can do a lot to change the distribution of wealth (and government necessarily changes the distribution of wealth no matter how 'small' it is). See for example this graph which shows that the distribution of wealth in the US has varied considerably over the past 100 years — depending on which year you look at, the wealthiest 1% earn anywhere between 10% and 25% of the country's total income. Highly progressive tax systems produce a more equitable distribution of wealth.
Toggle Commented Feb 8, 2012 on Parliamentary Pressure Cooker at Menzies House
Volcanos and vents release more CO2 into the oceans and atmosphere than humans ever do. This is false, as I've pointed out many times on MH before. Humans emit 100 times more CO2 than volcanoes.
Wrong. Even adopting your figure of $89b (source? Latest figures put it at closer to $50b, but rising), with a population of 4.62m Queensland's public debt is $19,264 per capita. $15.1t divided by the US population of 307m gives you $49,186 per capita. Using the figure of 52.8b it turns out the US actually has over 4x Queensland's public debt per capita. It is impossible for a sovereign nation to become insolvent (ie. "technically broke") in its own fiat currency. Excessive public debt causes inflation, not insolvency.
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2012 on What Global Warming? at Menzies House
The "left-wing trolls" are still here, kraka. For my part I just comment less frequently because banging one's head against a brick wall becomes tiresome after a while. Naturally, a site that does nothing but whine about the "AGW scam" is bound to become dominated by those with that viewpoint over time. Don't you think that if the 'fraud' had been 'exposed', you might be able to point to a mainstream political party, academic institution or newspaper that rejects climate science? Believing that AGW is a fraud is one thing, but believing that your opinion is mainstream is delusional.
Toggle Commented Dec 30, 2011 on Reflections on Durban at Menzies House
Do you support offshore processing of asylum seekers? It's horrendously expensive. We could save a lot of money for cataract surgery if we just processed them in the community. The cost of detention is much greater than the cost of providing asylum seekers with the same benefits all Australians are entitled to.
What difference does it make, Andy? A refugee is someone with a well-founded fear of persecution regardless of where they come from. For all your ranting about the evils of Islamism I thought you'd readily acknowledge that many governments in the Middle East are unable or unwilling to protect their citizens from persecution.
Indonesia is a third world nation of 230 million stricken by poverty and civil unrest. Yes, it has some major issues. To suggest that its government is 'laughing' at us because we accept a few thousand asylum seekers a year is utterly absurd. Both Australia and Indonesia have much bigger issues to worry about, but unfortunately in Australia we need to appease a huge contingent of voters who are terrified of boat people enjoying the same quality of life we do - hence the disproportionate focus on a group that doesn't even form a majority amongst illegal immigrants!
Toggle Commented Dec 18, 2011 on Creeping Sharia, Yet Again at Menzies House
Can't believe these asylum seekers have the audacity to ask when they'll receive a visa! They should be glad we roll out the red carpet by locking them up in detention centers - surely it beats the conditions in whatever third world hellhole they come from. To ask when they'll be released from detention is truly an affront to our freedom-loving way of life.
Harry Potter came from a Labour-voting British author, not Hollywood.