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I understood it the way that the boy felt like a thief—felt as guilty as if he had stolen the money—because he had opened a box that, in retrospect, he realized he shouldn’t have peeked into. I’m not sure whether other people would feel that way in such a situation, but I can empathize with the boy.
What about discussing style guides, and interesting and contentious issues of usage? I’m thinking of such things as “whiches” that introduce restrictive relative clauses; whether to resist the “which hunt” pun even if both interlocutors are wine-whine merged; whether to spell “wine-whine merger” with an en dash; the uses of the semicolon; logical punctuation (regarding punctuation following quotations); the quotation dash; the typography of ellipsis points; the perks of ISO 8601; etc.
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Nov 3, 2010