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Kapiere ich nicht. Ribbon ist ein Band, z.B. Geschenkband. Insider-Joke??
Toggle Commented Sep 4, 2011 on The New USS Enterprise at Geek And Poke
When I programmed in Modula-2 (and Pascal), It was common to use the case of the first letter to indicate whether the identifier was local or global. Meaning you could have upper and lower case procedure names, same for variables.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2011 on Different Worlds at Geek And Poke
When I enable this option in Keychain Access, App Store becomes unusably slow. Every page change takes 10 or more seconds. Is that "normal" or is it just happening to me? @tempelorg ------------------------- NOTE ----------------- There's a discussion thread about this problem. From the thread: "Switching off certificate checks did solve the problem. However the discussion in that thread suggests that this fix subverts security."
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Apr 4, 2011