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Reading posts like this (and others on various forums all around the world) makes me believe in human race again...Makes me believe that we can change, that this world can maybe be a better place to live in...Maybe this sounds strange, but I allways believed in power of movie art, and that it can affect people - and what I see after Avatar is just amazing - people saying that their whole life changed, they will never see the world in same way again....and that is wonderful...For me, it just "cemented" everything I ever believed in - respect all living things, respect this little blue dot in space called Earth, as it is our only home, only one that we have... I am glad I found this community, I am glad I can share my thoughts with you and sorry if I make mistakes in my english...:-)))
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Jan 4, 2010
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Jan 3, 2010
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Jan 3, 2010