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Mr. Biya has to be eliminated. He has no place in Cameroon. Nobody can claim he is not informed. Who has to inform him of what is happening.
A speech that was made after consulting witch doctors - the son of a catechist. The end of the reign of tyrand Biya is evident and he is blinded as it has happened to African dictators. The use of force will not help. This is a strong warning that a majority of Cameroonians are not satisfy with the present status quo. God save cameroon.
This strike is a test of what is to come when Mr. Biya would send a bill in parliament to amend the constitution. A majority of Cameroonians are fade up with the regime in place. This are clear signs of the exit of Paul Biya through the window. Since Biya and his men lack wisdom and forsight the people are left to do whatever. Staying silent will not solve the problem.
Having state instutitions functioning in the way the ought to must first begin from people with a good democratic minds. In Cameroon this should start from having a free and fair elections. This can be obtained by creating an independent electoral commission. With a democratically elected leadership, this can now put in place workable institutions. With the present status-quo things are better said than done and very little can happen.
Where does Mendo Ze now belongs?????
Hello people of The Post, You have been doing a wonderful job. Just be steadfast in what ever thing you are doing. Mofor Emmanuel
Greedy CPDM Mp's want culmulative positions. let them also eye the position of head of state. There should be change at the helm of the hemi cycle. Let an anglophone be norminated by the lion man and smkoed screen voted by the CPDM greedy MPs. Inoni Ephraim Akwan should now be having lots of thoughts about what possibilities.
The SDF like the CPDM has its own plan of governing the country. For the SDF to join they have to be a compromise on the different platforms. Based on the present situation, the SDF should not join for they are going to be frustrated. Also the people assuming such positions might behave the Bello Bouba/Koddock way. The SDF was created to rule and not to goin others to rule.
Most of the players were not into the game since they are preparing to start or have started their seasons with their respective clubs. This is the type of match new young and aspiring players would have been called up.
Biya Paul had nothing to say. He needs an absolute majority but has always had a majority. After 1/4 a century of rule he is now saturated and cannot make any meaningful progress. He has been reshuffling his cabinet and not knowing he has to be replaced also. lets watch and see.
Koddock is you are an acomplice to Mr. Biya's regime. be ready to answer charges when the time comes.
Barrister Mbi, When you talk of party leaders refusing to step down for others what do you mean? Like with the SDF, once its chairman becomes head of state he automatically will step down as party head or if he is defeated in an election. Don't you compare Mr Biya's party and the opposition. Let me tell you that even in advanced democracy the party leader appoints his secretary. So according to your observations there were no fraud and rigging. I doubt what legal mind you have or you are building the Cameroon type of mind were you can reap from the regime in power. Well as rightly said Mr Biya has the right to extend his mandate but don't be surprise he will not live to stand the elections as it has happened to many African countries.
The verdict has been cast finally. What next? The big question has a simple answer. Biya has to be killed. Fellow country men, democracy has crashed in Cameroon and the next thing will be to eliminate those who stand by theway of democracy and nothing else. Thos who are pushing us to this dramatic end must be ready to receive it. It has been proven that elections cannot change anything. The idiot lion man homosexual od Etoudi is now calculating how he can make ELECAM a shadow of ONEL. He has no chance for any elections in Cameroon.
Fellow Cameroonians, We all know the political evolution since 1990. The path to change has not been easy as many people because of little faith and hunger have resorted to changing camps and backstapping to get money or position from the regime. A figure like John Fru Ndi should at any point in time should be doubted as he has stood firm to his opinion. Ntemfac Ofege is saying Fru Ndi should stop pretending and keep quiet. Fru Ndi is the only one who can speak out what he thinks about the present regime. Cameroonians themselves are tired and want an individual to fight for them. That's not possible. Let anybody who feels Fru Ndi should back out of politics should come up and make himself known. You guys (Ntemfac ran from CRTV) leave the country and sit out there to write funny stories. Came home and organise rallies and manifestations. Its a pitty because very few Cameroonians read and you are the least heard. For the fact that you talk much about Fru Ndi means you are envious of his charisma and ability to push things through.How many of you who is writing against Fru Ndi can confront military officers as he did in Santa.Even Biya is afraid of the guys in uniform. Mr. Ntemfac of the SCNC come out and make noise as Fru Ndi has done. You just sit and hide somewhere talking about the SCNC. The chiefs, ministers and top anglophones have been brainwashed by the regime. So you should match into the country and take action.
The not too eloquent lawyer who has made alot of contradictory statements since his last interview on CRTV's "Cameroon Calling" has finally been given the opportunity to run as party head. This is one of the people who keep on confusing cameroonians. Even a sit in parliament or a councillor in any council will be a nighmare for lawyer Ben. Ben Muna, for you not to die of frostration leave politics for the those who deserve it. Must you rule? Most people are of the wait and se policy, but I saw you already out of the SDF and now have seen you out of the political arena.
What a good comparison Peterkins. Just to note that Maradona did not participate in the 1990 world cup. You did not conclude by analysing maradon's fate today. He is not recognized as somebody who has done anything in football circles. This gives us a clear picture of how Biya would be after he leaves office which will be in a no distant figure.
Mr. Biya and his hinge men know the the outcome of the last population census. Let him curve out this units so the CPDM can rig. We (militants of the SDF) will not tolerate any rigging at the lowest level. So any D.O or who so ever, who attempts to rig will meet Mr. Biya in heaven. Thanks
These are all symtoms of death for Biya. If he thinks he has to stand for re-election again then he will die before the election day. Cameroonians are capable of the worst. We are watching. Myabe the MPs will be the first to die. Thats what we should do fellow country people. Be courageous.
Mr. Commissioner Forsung, I see no doubt you now work for the UN. You don't have to be chicken hearted to say Mr. Biya will change the consitution to suit him. If he cares he should change it and never stand for any presidential election. I am waiting. If this is done then sorry, the assembly building will go down as a sign of more things to came. Lets pray respects the constitution or face whatever that comes his way. His ocultic practices will not safe him.
My country people. You should not be afraid of the devilish intentions of Paul Biya. I am not a prophet of doom but Paul Biya is likely to die before the next presidential elections.
What should we do to these so called dictators in the name of administrators. It shows how the state is manage by a bunch of idiots and liars. Tehwi keep on the courage you have. The end of the regime is near and therefore your case will be the first to be looked into.
What a great lost. May their souls rest in perfect peace.
Here comes the usual parole. When the youths keep seeing the old being manupulative and cling to power. This message has been consoling for 24 years. The economy is stagnant. The youths cannot find their place in decision making and so on. Mr. Biya our problem is you. Your time is up you can leave the stage.
Here comes Cameroon. China is giving 50 billion, an amount a man working with FEICOM embezzled. It therefore means Cameroon has no problem because the state can recover so much from the few thieves that have been caught. Mr. Biya can be giving to the state every year 100 billion for the next 20 years. Cameroon is not a poor country
Despite the peace and stability, we still can not take off economically. Mr. Biya does not know that he has to quite for our economy to take off