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deja vu. weren't we all saying this a few months ago when cliff lee was welcomed back to our eager bosom, the eagles came back from 500-7 to beat the giants, and the flyers did something equally cool which i can't recall through the haze of pain still clawing at my chest after the Trades That Shall Not Be Named? not long after that euphoric, better-than-sex, we-own-the-sports-world feeling we were all bitch slapped back into reality with 2 horribly depressing post-seasons. yeah, like that other guy said, success is measured in championships, and we still have a long way to go.
what i took away from that interview, was that the flyers 2010-2011 season ended in a failure so dismal it resulted in the trade of our captain and several other key players, because a couple of guys kicked back with a beer after dinner. the story may be trite after the fact and the idea itself may or may not have been well-intended, but let's be real, this is all a bunch of bullshit. i don't know who put this info out there to begin with, but there are ways to handle it and this is not it. he's essentially throwing people under the bus then making up for it with lame backhanded comments like "i think his play speaks for itself". i think some of the bullshit calls you made during the playoffs speak for themselves too, lavy. and i don't see richards and carter calling up missanelli to bitch about it.
I'd rather our captain be a dick than a pussy.
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Mar 31, 2011