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I agree -- I don't support rankings, and this is why I did not sign the September statement. I *do* support those philosophers who have been the "target of unprofessional behavior", and I am so sorry that they've experienced this. Rankings and the behavior that led to this discussion diminish the lustre of our discipline. (I am deliberately avoiding the word profession because I think that philosophy qua philosophy transcends professional philosophy, and it is the latter, not so much the former, that has contributed to this current state of affairs).
Thanks for featuring this story on NewAPPS! I'm a product of the California community college system (any others out there who read NewAPPS?), and am just horrified by this turn of events at CCSF. This is also a potential pipeline issue: California community colleges serve a large "under-represented" student population, including a significant number of students with disabilities. In my experience, they were much better equipped to deal with disability than UC, but I digress (and that was a long time ago). Here is a link to a chart showing the history of California community college tuition, which was also zero when I began as a student, and midway through was raised to $5/credit, which we protested back in the day...
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Apr 24, 2012