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Teresa Neathery
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I am from Oregon but currently live in DC and teach Kindergarten using the Tools of the Mind curriculum. I have been in the field of education for 26 years and love Tools. I see a lot of progress with self-regulation and readiness to learn in my class. My students are from low income families and have many personal struggles. I would not pick and choose the parts of Tools that I want to do. It is a very well thought out, organized curriculum. It progresses as the children progress. For my students whose lives can be a bit chaotic, the structure and consistency of Tools gives them a secure learning environment. Last week my class went to their Library special. The librarian wanted to read a book about Chinese New Year and they were up in arms. They told her they were learning about the Ice Age and that she needed to read a book about that to them! They are very focused on what we are learning. I would move back to Oregon in a second if I could work in a Tools kindergarten class!
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Jan 28, 2012