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Teri Barefoot
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I already liked them and shared it so close Teri
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2013 on Viewtainer Giveaway! at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios
I already have you on youtube and get your newsletter love all you show us Thank you, Teri
wow love these giveaways and love that you are showing us stuff we didn't know about also
I so wish I could write a letter, I don't where to even start and I have to be positive maybe I can start from today.
Tracy, Do you see how much you have done in a year? Wow I am so proud of you keep going I know of a few things that are still on your list that you have to do. Have a Happy Birthday Month and I already signed up for you newletter Teri
Oh Tracy, I hope you have a wonderful Birthday Month always so much fun for us also for you to have a Birthday. You keep pushing us and we will all grow so much Thank you Teri
Wow I love it, I guess it is the mood that I am in it made me cry. Keep throwing them at us you are very good making us grow and become what we are to be Thank you, Teri
I would so love to win this I must say I have loved Xyron for a long time I wish I had more than what I have, I have the regular X, but I so wanted when I was in a store the other day the mini one do you know how cool that would be to have for text that looks like it comes from the label makers? and so much cheaper Thanks, Teri
Ok Tracy I just posted my Christmas card Teri
Oh Tracy I love the pictures everyone looks very nice love the card it is also very nice Teri
Tracy, I want to thank you so much for all that you do for us, no matter how down I may be you always make me laugh as does the rest of the group. I would help you do anything in the world because you are so special. Once a week I get to forget what is going on in my life, I love that you did the card thing wish I could have so done that with you, but I have been punched a lot these last few months and I am so ready for 2012 to end. I just want you to know I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you do for us. Thank you, Teri
Tracy, I have so enjoyed Monday night which I thought was longer than just July that I have been spending with you and all the other great people not in a bad way. Thank you,for all that you do (we were together on your Birthday month} Teri
I love this post & it makes me cry too because I know he will soon be off and on his own soon as a mom it makes you cry Teri
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2012 on Homecoming Weekend at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios
Tracy, We are so proud of you and you are teaching us so much you are a very giving person, and of course very talented we all love you very much and Monday's are very special to me Thank you for everything Teri
Well, all I can say is THANK -YOU Joey. As we all know Tracy you are a wonderful person and we thank you for all you teach us so we know where you son gets this his WONDERFUL MOTHER!! I thank you Tracy for all you do for us and for sharing this with us. What a great life lesson for a 10 ye old boy to teach Thank you Teri
Go you can do it and do a sell out Teri
Love it and I was the one who ask how to make the stamp Thanks Tracy and Andy
Toggle Commented Apr 26, 2012 on Be You! at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios
I really love these Great cards Teri
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2012 on The Sweetest Day - Part I at Purple Onion Designs
I love how cute these are very sweet Teri
Toggle Commented Apr 14, 2012 on The Sweetest Day! at Purple Onion Designs
Tracy, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for Monday nights and really everyday you always bring a smile to my face. Thank you for keeping me busy since I lost my job you have been a godsend to me. I have doodled forever, but I haven't really drawn since I was a kid I don't think you will remember last week I posted that I drew a bottle of wine & 2 glasses for you and I well that is really the 1st in a very long time that I have really drawn a real picture, it isn't that great but the thought was mine and I did it, well I did do the palm tree and that is what started me now I have a total of 3 drawings up on my craft room floor that I have done not doodle's, which I still love doing, but drawings. Thank you. I am so glad that you are going to keep Monday nights for us to get together and have a good old crafting girls night. Remember just ask the Universe what now and they will answer you, I guess that is something I really need to do I have not ask, I would love for you to meet my friend Astrid she teaches so much. Remember we all love you for you, Teri
Tracy I can not wait to see what your next step is we all love and support you very much. I feel you will do even bigger things. Teri
Toggle Commented Mar 31, 2012 on Change is in the Air.... at Tracy Weinzapfel Studios
happy Blogaversary Teri
I am so ready to get one of these I so hope I can have fun and will be looking for updates while you are having fun Teri
Oh I so love this I love purple this is so pretty. Thank you Ranger for everything you bring us
Oh I love it I think I may have to try this the next time I go out Love Ranger Products Thanks, Teri
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2012 on Extreeeeeeeeme!!! at Blog | Ranger Ink